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Subject: JADN spec re-shuffle

In accordance with Dave Lemire's guidance on aligning existing work products with the new OASIS document template, I have shuffled the JADN spec content into the latest template (https://github.com/oasis-tcs/openc2-jadn/pulls) without making any technical changes to that content. There is no requirement to re-align existing work products, but the new organization is cleaner, putting the content up front and moving boilerplate to appendices.

After that I will be submitting additional PRs to tighten up the editorial content following experience using JADN for SBOM and SOSA related activities. There is no technical change to the JADN schema language itself, but some of the tutorial and rationale material should be pulled out and moved to other documents, and there are a few more technical details that need to be completed before calling a Special Majority Vote for Committee Spec.

As always, comments are welcome either as GitHub issues or on the TC email list.


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