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Subject: Next plugfest with TTD in NYC in late Sept?

As you know, we had planned to have an IRL (ie physical) plugfest at Technology Transfer Days in NYC last year. Because of COVID, TTD was cancelled and we had our plugfest virtually. Althought that first virtual plugfest went very well, at the second, most recent virtual plugfest, there was sentiment that people would prefer a “in real life (IRL)” plugfest if possible combined with IRL TC working meeting.


TTD is scheduled to be IRL (https://techtransferdays.org/)  Sep 27 – Oct 1 in NYC. They have reached out to ask if we are interested in participating. Submission deadline is Aug 9.


Be prepared to discuss at Wednesday’s TC meeting and/or a subsequent working meeting.



Duncan Sparrell

sFractal Consulting LLC

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