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Subject: RE: EXT :[openc2] JADN CSD-02 Public Review is complete

TC Members:  Iâve submitted a ticket requesting a Special Majority Vote (SMV) to approve this document as a Committee Specification, per discussions at the July TC meeting, as documented in section of the July TC minutes. Please be on the lookout for TC Administrationâs announcement of the electronic ballot for the SMV.




David Lemire

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Subject: EXT :[openc2] JADN CSD-02 Public Review is complete


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The public review and comment period for JADN Committee Specification Draft 02 ended on July 18.  One comment was received during that period [1], and per OASIS procedures each comment must be acknowledged, resolved, and the resolution documented.  In this case no changes to the JADN spec were requested or made, but a preliminary discussion on the difference between information models and W3C ontologies is referenced on the GitHub issue [2], and the TC plans to create a non-normative Committee Note describing information modeling in greater detail.

The JADN comment resolution matrix is attached.

Dave Kemp

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