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Subject: Documentation Norms Appendix C: worth updating?

Work Product Editors & TC Members: our Documentation Norms process document includes two appendices related to using GitHub:


Appendix B: Getting Comfortable with GitHub provides a general overview of repositories, forking, cloning, and pull requests.  It requires some minor updating to account for new GitHub features since it was written, but I believe those changes are relatively straightforward and worthwhile.


Appendix C: GitHub- / Markdown-Based Process & Procedures is devoted to the details of GitHub and local git mechanics. While extensive, this appendix is still incomplete and portions are quite dated as GitHub has evolved and tools like Microsoft Visual Studio Code and other local git-/GitHub-aware editors are commonly used.


I would propose to update Appendix B and remove Appendix C from Documentation Norms, but wanted to give the opportunity for members to non-concur if they consider the information in Appendix C sufficiently worthwhile to justify updating and completing that appendix.






David Lemire

IA Systems Engineer

Technical Solutions


302 Sentinel Drive | Annapolis Junction, MD 20701

Work (301) 575-5190 | Mobile (240) 938-9350


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