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Subject: Language Spec Issues for Closure

TC Members: a small group met this morning to review open issues in the Language Specification GH repository. The group consisted of Duncan Sparrell, Patrick Maroney, Vasileios Mavroeidis, Toby Considine, Dave Kemp, and myself. We reviewed the open issues, starting from the oldest created, to triage them as candidates for closure, address in next LS version, or defer to future. We covered issues from #36 through #347, and assigned labels based on our triage conclusions.


We identified 10 issues for closure, which you can review here. We plan to close these issues at the April 6th working meeting unless any TC members raise an objection prior to then.


In addition to the closure candidates we have identified 3 issues to address in the next version, and 5 issues to defer to the future.  Twelve issues remain to be triaged. A follow-on meeting will be scheduled for next Tuesday, April 5th, to complete the triage process. Discussion of next steps will be on the April 6th working meeting agenda.




David Lemire

IA Systems Engineer

Technical Solutions


302 Sentinel Drive | Annapolis Junction, MD 20701

Work (301) 575-5190 | Mobile (240) 938-9350


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