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Subject: New Issue re GitHub maintainers

Based on some work in two different other OASIS groups, it caused me to look at some stuff in our OpenC2 TC ops.


One procedure other groups use is to send an email to this broader list when an issue or Pull Request is opened. If you subscribe to the repo on GitHub, you will get a notification for every change. This email is in addition to that since not everyone will be subscribed to every github repo. And even if subscribed, it might get shunted to some folder with a gazillion other github notications (which is what I do because I get very many of these because of all repos I subscribe to). By sending one email at the initiation of an issue, that alerts people that may be interested to follow the details. I think we should adopt a slightly looser version of this rule in that it should be left to the issue/PR creator whether to send an email. For example if it’s for issues created at TC meetings (working or voting), the appropriate parties probably already know so there is no need to spam everyone.


But in this case, I just did create an issue (https://github.com/oasis-tcs/openc2-tc-ops/issues/51 ) associated with what I see as a deficiency in our TC-Ops documentation. I am recommending we throw some text in documentation our current procedures wrt github maintainer role.



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