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opencsa-liaison message

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Subject: Action Item #0001 Submit an issue on 'Define Conformance Targets'

TARGET: Open-SCA Liaison

DESCRIPTION :  On or about Nov 6, Martin Chapman sent a message to the 6 
SCA TCs with the following content:

TARGET: SCA Policy Specification 

DESCRIPTION: In order to write a normative statement or conformance clause using RFC2119 language, the target or subject of the rule
needs to be included. Some of these are obvious, as we have rules governing components, composites, services, references etc. Other
targets are less so, especially when it comes to conformance, as we need to identify artefacts that vendors can claim they handle
according to the rules of the spec. We should enumerate a list of conformance targets early on, so that every time we use a MUST,
MAY, or SHOULD, we know to what the rule applies to.


It took me a while to figure out exactly what we needed to do about this.  After speaking with Martin,
here is what each of the TC needs to do to its specifications.

1. Reword the specifications using RFC 2119 keywords.
2. For each appearance of MUST or MUST NOT, specify the component that should check whether the statement is obeyed.  This is the conformance target.  It may be the SCDL processor, for example, or it may be more specific (better) for example, the wire compatibility checker.
3. Specify the error that MUST be raised if the statement is not followed.

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