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Subject: Final minutes of Jan 15th LSC conf-call

Title: Final minutes of Jan 15th LSC conf-call

Date:  Th, 15 Jan 2009
Time:  10:00am - 11:00am PST

id: 190605#/654321#

+1 888-967-2253
+1 650-607-2253
+44 118 924-9000
+61 2-8817-6100
+49 89 14302323


1.      Roll Call
Jeff, Sanjay, Mike E, Dave, Bryan, Anish, Martin

2.      Scribe Assignment

3.      Agenda Bashing
added testing discussion

4.      Approval of draft minutes 08 jan 2009

Mike/Sanjay Approve minutes - UNAN

5. Action Item review
a. Anish/Mike - Get back to LSC with schedule for testing work. Anish 
plans to put the question on next testing subcommittee’s call.


b. Bryan - to get back to LSC with anticipated schedule for the SDO TC

closed - virtual f2f planned week of feb 16 -- comprehensive schedule 
review will take place
           looks like 2H 2009 - question is which part of 2H

c. Jeff to obtain pending information from Anish before posting the 
email to OpenCSA MS.


d. Jeff to also include a question in the same email about grouping of 
SCA specifications from conformance standpoint.

e. Jeff to post Martin’s draft email to the OpenCSA MS with one change 
– replace Jan 22nd with Jan 21st for the suggested deadline to the 
OpenCSA TCs for submitting feedback to LSC regarding conformance 

f. All LSC members to check with their respective companies about 
acceptable resolutions of "what does it mean to conform to SCA?" issue.
orcl/sap/ibm have started internal discussion - hope to be able to 
report back and discuss at the ASS f2f

6. OpenCSA Project Management
Schedule Review
Sep 15, 2008 - Raise the bar for opening new issues (for all TCs)
Sep 29, 2008 - Incorporate RFC 2119 language
Nov 15, 2008 - Detailed design for testing work
Jan 23, 2009 - Assembly TC to start 1st Public Review (60 day)
Feb 23, 2009 - Other TCs to start 1st Public Review (60 day)
May 31, 2009 - Finish all the work
July 4, 2009 - Submit specs to OASIS for OS vote

assembly -- given that the f2f is that week, they won't be ready - 
optimistic that a few weeks after that is realistic, +/-
obviously the ass f2f could cause a big ripple effect

a. assuming no big ripple effect, consensus seems to be that 30 days 
after assembly is "ready" is reasonable

Proposed schedule - push assembly to 2 weeks after f2f - feb 16th, 
pull in policy to be coincident -
    Criteria is - be able to have the draft of the proposed review 
draft available on feb 16. Then have a week to let people review and 
then vote on a possibly amended version the following week.
  BPEL, Bindings, c/c++. and Java will lag by 2 more weeks - March 2

NOTE: this does assume that there no major unresolved issues after the 
f2f - only editorial work remains

b. if there is a big ripple effect, then will have to re-assess

The final date (July 4) will need to be reassessed once we have a 
better idea of the outcome of the public reviews, so it is still 
fairly tentative.

7. Spec dependency discussion

See email reports.
It is now clear that other specs have dependency on policy, so we 
should probably group policy and assembly to be at the bottom of 
dependency tree.

8. SCA conformance discussion
nothing to discuss yet - awaiting internal company discussions to 
complete. Anticipate discussing this at the Assembly f2f.

9 Testing

Mike: assembly stuff going reasonably well - roughly 2/3 of test 
assertions are done - looks like the assembly work will be done by end 
of month. Concerned that there hasn't been much evidence of progress 
on the other specs.

Long discussion on approval processes for test assertions and tests. 
The tentative conclusion is that we will want to get them to CS level 
- [gratuitous editorial comment - if only we had "info docs" ]

AI - TCs to develop schedule for test artifact development.

10. Next conf-call?

Next con call will be after the f2f so next call will be 5 Feb.
   Jeff will probably not be able to make that (at an OASIS Board 
f2f), Sanjay will run the call.

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