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Subject: Final minutes of Feb 5 conf-call

Title: Final minutes of Feb 5 conf-call

Minutes of the OpenCSA SC LSC Conf-Call
Feb 5, 2009 10 AM Pacific Time

1. Roll Call
    Bryan, Martin, Anish, MarkE, Sanjay
    TC Representation: C-Cpp, Assembly, Bindings, BPEL

2. Scribe Assignment

3. Agenda Bashing

4. Approval of transcript of Jan 15, 2009

5. Action Items
a> Anish/Mike - Get back to LSC with schedule for testing work. Anish 
plans to put the question on next testing subcommittee’s call.

b> Jeff to obtain pending information from Anish before posting the 
email to OpenCSA MS.

c> All LSC members to check with their respective companies about 
acceptable resolutions of "what does it mean to conform to SCA?" issue.
orcl/sap/ibm have started internal discussion - hope to be able to 
report back and discuss at the ASS f2f

6. OpenCSA Project Management
Schedule Review
Sep 15, 2008 - Raise the bar for opening new issues (for all TCs)
Sep 29, 2008 - Incorporate RFC 2119 language
Nov 15, 2008 - Detailed design for testing work
Jan 23, 2009 - Assembly TC to start 1st Public Review (60 day)
Feb 23, 2009 - Other TCs to start 1st Public Review (60 day)
May 31, 2009 - Finish all the work
July 4, 2009 - Submit specs to OASIS for OS vote

New schedule 
End Feb – Assembly and Policy TC to start 1st Public Review (60 day)
Mid March – Other TCs to start 1st Public Reviw (60 day)
End Jun – Finish all the work
End  July – Submit specs to OASIS for OS vote

7. Issue Discussion

b>      LIAISON-6  http://osoa.org/jira/browse/LIAISON-6

8. Testing
     There is enough work done under the Assembly TC for the other TCS to begin their testing efforts. MikeE reiterates the concern that the other TCs have not started the testing work.

     OASIS currently does not have any official templates or guidelines for the testing related artifacts.  However, this would not be a blocking issue for the SCA TCs for producing and submitting the testing related artifacts for review and approval by the OASIS membership since the testing related artifacts could be bundled as non-normative material in the approval package.

9. Next conf-call

     Feb 19, 2009 – 10 AM Pacific

10. AOB

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