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Subject: Final Minutes of Mar 5, 2009 LSC conf-call

Title: Final Minutes of Mar 5, 2009 LSC conf-call

Date:  Th, 05 Mar 2009
Time:  10:00am - 11:00am PST

id: 190605#/654321#

+1 888-967-2253
+1 650-607-2253
+44 118 924-9000
+61 2-8817-6100
+49 89 14302323


1. Roll Call
sanjay, martin, anish, dave, bryan, jeff

2. Scribe Assignment

3. Agenda Bashing

4. Approval of draft minutes of Feb 19, 2009
Approve: dave/bryan - UNAN

5. Action Items
     Action: Sanjay to create a schedule document and upload it to the 
LSC kavi


    Action: Feedback from all the TCs about conformance dependencies 
has been received. Sanjay to compile the feedback together into the 
JIRA as resolution of the issue.

6. OpenCSA Project Management

Verify/update the schedule

Policy is approved going to PR, waiting for Assembly

Assembly did not vote for PR this week, earliest will be next week
Plan is to put new CD and PR on the agenda first thing on the call 
tuesday on 10 mar 2009.

Who else is ready and when?

BPEL voted to PR today.
c/c++ has only one minor issue outstanding - so potentially could vote 
next week, at worst in 2 weeks
Bindings - not going to meet its deadline - still has 8 open issues - 
closed one today - added an extra call - end of mar for vote
J - 29 open issues, 15 actively being worked on, 9 more calls before 
end of mar - unlikely to be done by end of mar - RFC 2119 drafts are 
under discussion, best guess mid-april (unless do another virtual f2f)

Updated Spec Work:
Mid Mar – Assembly, Policy, BPEL TC to vote 1st Public Review (60 day) 
- will probably take Mary until the end of mar to actually start
Mid March – c/c++ mid march vote 1st Public Review (60 day)
End March - bindings vote 1st PRD
mid April - Java vote 1st PRD

concern expressed that Java may get delayed a lot
clearly we won't make the end of June for being "done"

most of the specs will finish public review end of may (depending upon 
how quickly mary gets them out).
will take another month after the 1st PR, then will need at least one 
more PR.
   (note: this doesn't account for java, notably jee, ejb, and spring 

once we do the 1st PR's we will need to let testing catch up
so sometime mid-summer we might be ready for CS votes

stake in the ground: CS votes synchronized for a consistent SCA 1.1 
    we will have to decide which of the jee, ejb, spring specs HAVE to 
be in that train
     anish argues that ejb and spring are required
     dave does not disagree - seems like that is fairly easily doable 
as neither has very many issues against them. If ejb and spring are 
prioritized next after caa and c&i, AND keep the current call schedule 
they could be done with an additional month's work - needs to be 
discussed in the Java TC

End  Aug – be ready for CS votes

Update Testing:
assembly TAs not done yet - needs to be updated to reflect recent 
issue resolution
policy has not started TAs - at least 4 more weeks
c/c++ - 3/4's through 1st pass of writing them, no TC review
other TC's have not started on TA's yet

Assembly Test Assertions 1st draft done         end of mar
Assembly TestCases 1st draft done               mid may
   (approx 25-50% now done)
Public review draft ready                      end of jun
Other TCs trailing behind by 1 month

7. New Issues

new namespace for PRD - policy forgot to rev the spec to account for 
the changes - so spec will need to be updated before it is sent to mary

8. Issue Discussion

9. Next conf-call
19 mar 2009 - sanjay to run

10. AOB

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