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Subject: Draft Minutes of May 28, 2009 conf-call

Title: Draft Minutes of May 28, 2009 conf-call

OpenCSA LSC Conf-call
May 28, 2009 - 10 AM Pacific

1. Roll Call

   Martin, Bryan, Sanjay, Jeff, Anish
   [Assembly, C-C++, BPEL, Bindings]

2. Scribe Assignment


3. Agenda Bashing


4. Approval of draft minutes of May 07, 2009


5. Action Items


6. OpenCSA Project Management

Status and schedule update

Current Spec Work:

Current Testing:

Assembly TC (Martin)
Martin - Spec out for PR to finish by end of Jun
... only one external comment so far
... plenty of internal comments mostly dealing with consistency
... test assertions, cases are being reviewed
... potential vote for CD on next Tuesday
... The OSOA consortium has provided the SCA Eventing extension document as input
... Anish described the submitted spec and no issues raised yet by any TC member
Bindings TC (Anish)
haven't gone to PR yet
... draft for JMS and JCA available
... binding.ws all priority 1 issues are resolved except for 1 priority 2 issue
... plan is to have draft for review by the TC with resolutions of all prio 1 issues folded in with a proposal for prio 2 issue by next week

... TC may approve the draft on next week or following week
... JMS and JCA specs may need couple of weeks to clean up the conformance sections
... the plan 'seems to' be to submit jms/jca/ws binding specs together for PR
 ... best case scenario - TC will approve all 3 specs on 11th and worst case on 18th of Jun
... No testing work has started in the Bindings TC
Java TC
... PR package has been submitted to TC admin long time ago
... Discussion has moved to secondary priority specs - ejb bindings, spring
... No testing work has started ye
... there are two calls a week - on Mondays the TC discusses specs that are in PR
... and on Fri TC discusses spring c&i and ejb bindings
... jee related discussion is put on lower priority - issues are getting raised and recorded
... TC hasn't yet talked about a schedule for spring c&i and ejb bindings
BPEL TC (Anish)
already in PR
... We have a test assertion doc that covers the entire spec
... TC is discussing the assertion to debug the spec and fix many normative statements
... four more assertions to go through
... work on test cases has not started yet
C-C++ TC (Bryan)
both the specs are in PR
... Testing: test assertion docs for both the specs exist
... working through the test assertions to fix consistencies in the spec
... Test cases - a set of test artifacts for testing C=C++ implementation of Assembly are now ready
... next step is to produce test artifacts for testing the C-C++ c&i implementation itself
Policy TC
PR doc is out
... draft for test assertion is under discussion
... not sure if test cases work has started

7. New Issues


8. Issue Discussion

Need to watch for what happens to Eventing and its implications on other specs

Need to keep thinking about conformant implementations

9. Next conf-call

  Jun 25th - Martin to chair since both Jeff and sanjay can not make that call - Jeff to send out the agenda

10. AOB


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