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Subject: Draft Minutes of LSC mtg on July 2nd

Title: Draft Minutes of LSC mtg on July 2nd

Draft Minutes of OpenCSA LSC Meeting
July 2nd, 2009 – 10 AM Pacific

1. Roll Call
Ashok, MikeE, Sanjay, Martin, Anish, DaveB

2. Scribe Assignment


3. Agenda Bashing


4. Approval of draft minutes of May 28, 2009


5. OpenCSA Project Management

Spec Work:

  Comment on list related to Policy TC’s testing plans:

Assembly TC - Mike Edwards
Completed first PR
... couple of PR comments related to conformance which may be related to other TCs.
... about 20 open issues raised by TC members of varying complexity
... test assertions, test cases document and test artifacts are submitted for PR and waiting on TC admin to initiate the 60 day PR

Martin - division of testing work among Assembly TC and other TCs needs to be clarified

Policy TC - Dave Booz
... PR is complete
... pretty much done with Test assertions document
... no test case work started  yet
... about a dozen open issues
... about 2 months may be needed to resolve the issues

BPEL TC - Anish
... PR is complete
... few PR comments raised by Oracle - none of them are major
... pretty close to being done with test assertion document - thorough review has been done - it was gratifying to see the debate of TAD resulting in debugging the spec itself

... candidate CD should be ready by next week's call
... haven't started on test cases yet

Java TC - Dave Booz
... Started PR for CAA and C&I specs
... started work on EJB and Spring specs
... also resolving issues on CAA and C&I specs
... test assertions for CAA is started
... no test case work is started

Bindings - Anish
... Voted to go for PR on all three specs
... work on TAD or test cases, etc, has not started yet
... Submission of PR docs to OASIS may happen after next week's call

6. New Issues
 a) Source file header contents
    Raised By – Bryan Aupperle

What should be the value of version and date – based on SVN generated data or based on the standardization status/publication date of the related specifications?

Discussion to be continued on email list.

7. Other topics of common concern
 a) SCA conformance
Current conformance language requires conformance with SCA Assembly, SCA Policy, SCA WS Binding and one of the OpenCSA MS adopted implementation types. There are no clear statements about requirements on testing artifacts.

There are open questions in the area of documenting new implementation types, providing test suites for the new implementation types, etc.

The Assembly TC has opened issues pertaining to the public comments but there have been no concrete proposals yet to resolve the issue.

It would be helpful to seek input from the OpenCSA Steering Committee on this topic as I relates to the adoption and branding of the SCA standard. LSC should also continue discussion on this topic.

8. Next conf-call

July 16th 10 AM Pacific

9. AOB


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