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Subject: Draft Minutes of LSC conf-call on 7/23

Title: Draft Minutes of LSC conf-call on 7/23

Draft Minutes of the LSC Meeting
July 23, 2009 - 10 AM Pacific

1. Roll Call

Sanjay, Bryan, Martin, Anish
[SCA BPEL, SCA C-C++, SCA Assembly, SCA Binding]

2. Scribe Assignment


3. Agenda Bashing

Approved Unanimously

4. Approval of draft minutes of July 2nd, 2009

Approved Unanimously

5. New Issues
a) Issue 7 -   Source file header contents
Raised By  Bryan Aupperle

Action: Bryan to follow up with the OASIS Admin about the significance of date/version information in the files, its relationship (if any) with the Copyright text, any guidance on consistency of this information across artifacts (header files, Java class files, etc) produced by different OpenCSA TCs

Issues related to metadata for test artifacts, etc, will be handled via normal PR process for the test suite

6. OpenCSA TC Status (of issues, testing work, etc)


7. Other topics of common concern
a) SCA conformance


8. Next conf-call

Aug 6, 2009 – 10 AM Pacific

9. AOB

Collect information about the performance of executing the SLA between the OpenCSA TCs and the OASIS Admin role and have such data ready for the review of the OASIS Board at their meeting in the next week in order to help them identify any potential issues with the bandwidth of OASIS staff, etc.

ACTION: All the LSC members to provide Martin via email data points on execution of SLA for public reviews in the TC(s) they represent e.g. date the TC voted to go for PR, PR announcement date, other interim events and their dates.

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