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Subject: Re: [opencsa-liaison] Status of your TC

Status of the SCA Policy TC

- The current status of the specifications and test artifacts
Specifications, Test Assertions and Test Cases are complete for 1.1

- The major remaining work items and their ETA
None.  But see below.

- Compliant implementations for meeting the exit criteria

Tuscany and Fabric3.  It is possible that Frascati also implements SCA Policy but we need to check.
We also need to check and get a definite answer from Fabric3.  Sent mail to Jim Marino.

- A number of the other SCA TCs are discussing optional test assertions.
The status for SCA Policy is below.
 No revision is necessary but wording could be improved if we get a chance.
There are 4 test assertions with optional words in them.
There are no test cases for test assertions 40031 or 40032.  This is because SCA does not define an API for redeployment and so, there is no way to carry out the tests.
Test assertions POL80001 and 80002 are marked “untestable”.  This is because the SCA Policy specification does not test for the effects of policies.

All the best, Ashok

0D9D85BBE0707B45BC695F99221F018D7747A69B@USPHLECCR01.phl.sap.corp" type="cite">

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