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Subject: Re: [opencsa-liaison] Status of your TC

The C++ and C deliverables are content complete and have been for some time.

While Siemens has a C++ SCA implementation, it is not compliant with the spec (it uses an alternative programming model that does not rely solely on standard C++).  There is no known work on potentially compliant C++ or C implementations.

The TC does not plan any further work unless we hear of potentially compliant implementations.

Bryan Aupperle.
Software Client Architect - Mid-Atlantic
Senior Technical Staff Member

Raleigh, NC
Mobile: 919-656-0018


From:        "Patil, Sanjay" <sanjay.patil@sap.com>
To:        OASIS Liaison <opencsa-liaison@lists.oasis-open.org>
Date:        11/23/2011 11:06 AM
Subject:        [opencsa-liaison] Status of your TC
Sent by:        <opencsa-liaison@lists.oasis-open.org>

Dear OpenCSA TC Chairs,
The OpenCSA Steering Committee is meeting in the next week on Wed (Nov 30th). Please email the brief status of your TC:
-        Status of chartered deliverables
-        Current activity, projected timeline of pending work
-        Blocking issues and other concerns
-        Status of compliant implementations
-        Anything else?

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