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Subject: OASIS Advances Standards to Simplify SOA Application Development: Open CSA Forms

** Link to this press release at
http://www.oasis-open.org/news/oasis-news-2007-04-11.php **

OASIS Advances Standards to Simplify SOA Application Development

Open Composite Services Architecture (Open CSA) Member Section Forms 
Boston, MA, USA; 11 April 2007 -- OASIS, the international standards
consortium, today announced the formation of the Open Composite Services
Architecture (Open CSA) Member Section, a new initiative to advance standards
that simplify Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) application development. Open
CSA will promote the further development and adoption of the Service Component
Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO) families of specifications,
which will be provided to the community on a Royalty Free basis.

SCA helps organizations more easily design and transform IT assets into
reusable services that can be rapidly assembled to meet changing business
requirements. SDO lets application programmers uniformly access and manipulate
data from heterogeneous sources, including relational databases, XML data
sources, Web services, and enterprise information systems.
Gartner analysts, Daniel Sholler, Jess Thompson, and Yefim V. Natis observed,
"SCA is an ambitious initiative, intended to offer mainstream software projects
an easy-to-use way to deploy consistently well-designed, multiplatform
service-oriented business applications." In their 26 March 2007 report,
"Long-Awaited SCA Initiative Begins to Gain Momentum," the analysts note that,
"This approach would simplify the design and deployment of services and
establish a 'transportable' set of engineering skills for SOA design. [SCA
would] enable many of the static analysis features that developers have come to
expect in programming environments, but that have been absent in services (such
as dependency analyses and type checking)."

Both SCA and SDO were created by the Open SOA Collaboration, an informal group
of 18 software vendors. After successfully shepherding the specifications
through their incubation phase, these vendors selected OASIS as the most
effective venue for advancing SCA and SDO through the open standardization

"OASIS appreciates the work of the Open SOA Collaboration to see these
specifications through their incubation stage and then contribute them into the
open standards process," noted OASIS president and CEO, Patrick Gannon.
"Advancing this work within OASIS will enable the SCA and SDO specifications to
receive input from a broader international community of software developers,
systems integrators, and users. The Open CSA Member Section will be able to
coordinate the standardization of multiple specifications, provide education,
and promote implementation in order to achieve the most extensive  industry
adoption of this work."

The Open CSA Member Section will oversee several new OASIS Technical Committees
for the SCA and SDO families of specifications. Everyone is invited to
participate in this work. Charters for these new Committees will be available
in the coming weeks. 

Members of the Open CSA Member Section include Active Endpoints, Avaya, BEA
Systems, Hitachi, IBM, Oracle, Primeton, Progress Software, Red Hat, Rogue Wave
Software, SAP AG, SOA Software, Sun Microsystems, TIBCO, Xcalia, and others.

Support for Open CSA

Active Endpoints
"Open CSA provides the infrastructure specifications that allow developers to
transform a wide variety of IT assets into reusable services. We believe that
the Open CSA work, combined with WS-BPEL, delivers tremendous value to
organizations aiming to implement applications in a service-oriented
architecture.  We are pleased to participate in the Open CSA initiative," said
Chris Keller, VP R&D, Active Endpoints, Inc.

BEA Systems
"BEA is excited about the possibilities for this new member section, and we
look forward to being involved in the development of high quality
specifications that will be a true benefit to the software development
community," said Michael Rowley, BEA Technical Director and Standards

"Hitachi believes that the launch of the OASIS Open CSA Member Section could be
a significant cornerstone of an SOA. Technologies included in Open CSA will
enable much broader adoption of SOA, providing methods for the implementation
of 'services' in more efficient ways. It is a great honor for us to be a part
of these activities, and we intend to actively participate," said Takao
Nakamura, Executive General Manager, Software Division, Hitachi Ltd.

"We are delighted with the SCA and SDO submission to OASIS, and support the
creation of the Open SCA Member Section to oversee their future development and
stewardship. The adoption of SCA/SDO will provide the missing link between
process and data in composite SOA application implementation. Our customers are
enthusiastic about the capabilities of these specifications, which dramatically
improve developers' ability to create applications and solutions in an SOA
style," said Karla Norsworthy, Vice President, IBM Software Standards, IBM
"Oracle is excited to be a founding member of the OASIS Open CSA Member Section
and to continue to help drive the development and adoption of the SCA/SDO
specifications. With these specifications now becoming part of the open
standards process, we look forward to working within the larger OASIS community
to build consensus and deliver these important and comprehensive SOA standards
to the industry," said Jeff Mischkinsky, director of Oracle Fusion Middleware
and Web Services Standards, Oracle. 

"The OASIS CSA Member Section is a new step toward a long term goal. We look
forward to fruitful collaborations with other members for the improvement and
adoption of SCA/SDO standards," said Chris Cheng, VP of Primeton Technologies.

Progress Software
"Progress Software is pleased to be a founding supporter of the Open CSA
effort, and to have the opportunity to help build what will become an important
technology for the next generation of SOA developers. This effort dovetails
nicely with our world-class integration, management, and mediation
technologies, and we look forward to bringing significant advantages to SCA
developers in our upcoming product releases. Standardizing the SCA framework in
an open and collaborative forum like OASIS is an important step for these
specifications," said Gordon Van Huizen, vice president and general manager of
the Enterprise Infrastructure Division, Progress Software. 

Red Hat
"Red Hat is pleased to help push SCA into the open standards process under
OASIS and believes that the resulting work will be important for interoperable
SOA foundations," said Mark Little, Director of Standards, Red Hat.

Rogue Wave Software
"SCA and SDO standards are key to helping our customers adopt SOA without
sacrificing their existing technology investments. With HydraSCA and HydraSDO,
Rogue Wave Software has delivered scalable, high performance implementations of
the SCA and SDO specifications.  We look forward to working in the Open CSA
group to continue to mature and evolve SCA and SDO," said Patrick Leonard, vice
president of product development, Rogue Wave Software.  

"SCA and SDO are important technologies that will simplify service composition,
increase composite application development productivity and help SAP customers
achieve higher business agility. We are excited to have the opportunity to
participate in the Steering Committee of the newly formed Open CSA Member
Section and look forward to working with the OASIS community on the
standardization of this important set of specifications," said Michael Bechauf,
vice president of industry standards, SAP AG. 

SOA Software
"Open CSA provides an opportunity for advancing industry consensus in providing
end-user organizations with a consistent approach to standards-based design,
modeling, representation, lifecycle management and governance of composite
services and their supporting architectures. Having explicit standards-based
architectural support, along with an accompanying assembly-oriented SOA
programming model for composite services, provides user organizations with
choice, flexibility and predictability as they adopt compositional application
models that enable the realization of business-driven IT value," said  Frank
Martinez, Executive Vice President, Product Strategy, SOA Software.

Sun Microsystems
"Sun is pleased to join the OASIS Open CSA Member Section to lend our expertise
in standards and component technologies to the direction of this work.
Composition of services continues to be challenging for developers, and Sun
believes that having richer, standardized metadata supporting this task can
help to simplify software development for our customers," said Mark Hapner,
Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

"The formation of OASIS Open CSA is a significant milestone for the developers
and vendors responsible for taking SOA forward within the industry. As one of
the first vendors to market with an SCA-based service container for the
enterprise (TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid), we understand the importance of
supporting open standards as a foundation of service-oriented, event-driven
enterprise architectures," said Matt Quinn, Vice President of Product
Management and Strategy at TIBCO Software.

Additional information:

OASIS Open CSA Member Section

Open SOA Collaboration

About OASIS:

OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) is
a not-for-profit, international consortium that drives the development,
convergence, and adoption of e-business standards. Members themselves set the
OASIS technical agenda, using a lightweight, open process expressly designed to
promote industry consensus and unite disparate efforts. The consortium produces
open standards for Web services, security, e-business, and standardization
efforts in the public sector and for application-specific markets. Founded in
1993, OASIS has more than 5,000 participants representing over 600
organizations and individual members in 100 countries.

Press contact:

Carol Geyer
OASIS Director of Communications
+1.978.667.5115 x209 (office)
+1.941.284.0403 (mobile)

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