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Subject: DRAFT - OpenCSA Steering Committee Minutes - 11 May 2007

DRAFT - OpenCSA Steering Committee Minutes - 11 May 2007 9:30 AM PDT

0. Agenda bashing and Roll

  Attending:                  Graham Barber, Jeff Mischkinsky, Sanjay Patil
 Regrets:                    Mike Rowley
 OASIS Staff:                 Jaime Clark, Scott McGrath, Patrick Gannon

  Identified Observers:        David Burke, Gilbert Pilz
 Notes:                      Graham Barber

1. minutes approval

 04 May 2007 -- Barber/Patil - approve minutes - UNAN

  An error in the advertised call-in number was noted on a subsequent e-mail.

2. Steering Committee nominations/election Status

We have 10 confirmed nominations (9 write-ups) for the 3 vacancies.

Information is on:
Candidate Profiles are behind each name.
Jeff Mischkinsky requested a single page consolidating all profiles:
        ACTION A1: Scott McGrath.
On Monday, Scott will e-mail Members with details of the voting process,
which will consist of e-mail to a new alias userid.
Votes will be checked by two OASIS staff members and entered into the STV software.
Results will be public.

3. Non SC-member attendance in SC meetings

Graham summarized his e-mail proposal regarding how SC-member absences

could be covered, to an extent, by non-SC-member Observers. We agreed that
the following informal process is covered by existing OASIS rules and
required no further documentation:
- If a Steering Committee Member is unable to attend a call, then he/she can ask an Observer to take part.
- The Observer cannot move nor second motions nor can vote, but can request the chair to participate in discussion.

- The Chair will decide if certain motions/decisions need to be deferred until all members are available.

Consequently we revisited last week's tabled motion:
MOTION: Adopt a policy that member section members be allowed to  
attend Steering Committee meetings as Observers. (Note: As per  
Roberts, the Chair has the discretion to allow observers to comment  
and speak.) Mischkinsky/Patil/UNAN.

4. Other Business

Our normal S/C Mailing List will be the same as the Member Section m/list:
We will retain the Steering Committee m/list for future usage, but will
not use it for S/C Agendas, Draft Minutes or Final Minutes.

5. Motion to Adjourn: Barber/Patil/UNAN.

Action Items
  A1 - Scott will create a single page Election candidate Summary.

Future Agenda Topics:
   Specification Maintenance
   Statement of Work

Next Meeting:
  Friday 18 May 2007 9 AM PDT

>  +1  888-967-2253
>  +1  650-607-2253
>  +44 118 924 9000
>  meeting id/pw = 190605/654321

Graham J Barber,

Program Director, SOA Partnerships,
     Graham Barber@IBMGB

Internal:                                245702,  External: +44 (0)1962 815702
Secretary (Yulia):          247672,                    +44 (0)1962 817672
Cellphone (Worldwide):                                    +44 (0)7880 734005

Unless stated otherwise above:
IBM United Kingdom Limited - Registered in England and Wales with number 741598.
Registered office: PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU

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