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Subject: Patrick Leonard and the Open CSA Steering Committee vote



I am writing to you today as voting begins for the Open CSA Steering Committee to ask for your vote for my colleague Patrick Leonard, who is the VP of Product Development for Rogue Wave Software and brings a great deal of experience to this position.


As you might be aware, I have been contributing on behalf of Rogue Wave Software to the Service Data Object specifications for the past year as part of OSOA.  Rogue Wave has been particularly keen on promoting the multi-language aspects of the SCA/SDO specifications, with strong emphasis on the C++ and Java specifications.  We believe that the multi-language nature of the specifications is the key to widespread acceptance and adoption in the same way that SOAP and WSDL are language neutral and universally accepted.


Under Patrick's leadership, Rogue Wave has made a significant commitment SDO and SCA. Rogue Wave has already:



  • increased our membership level in OASIS from Contributor to Sponsor


  • joined the Java Community Process, where I will participate in the SDO expert group, with a particular focus on ensuring that the C++ SDO specification in OASIS stay synchronized with the Java specifications in the JCP.


  • contributed to Apache Tuscany, having donated much of the CTS to ensure cross vendor product compatibility


  • named its new products HydraSCA and HydraSDO to demonstrate its commitment to the specifications, show how central they are to Rogue Wave’s products and product plans, and to evangelize the SCA/SDO specifications in the general marketplace



Rogue Wave has already demonstrated its strong enthusiasm for SDO and SCA, and following the election of Patrick Leonard to the Steering Committee, Rogue Wave intends to significantly increase the commitment of the Rogue Wave:


  • continuing to contribute to SDO via both OASIS and the JCP


  • continuing to contribute to the C++ Client & Implementation specification


  • leading the effort toward .NET / C# Client & Implementation specification


  • contributing to the SCA Assembly Model specification


  • increasing Rogue Wave’s contribution to Apache Tuscany


At a personal level, I can personally recommend without hesitation Patrick Leonard, who brings a high level of enthusiasm, integrity, and hard work in all his endeavors.


Patrick is a pleasure to work with and will be a valuable addition to the Open CSA Steering Committee as it tries to make SCA and SDO universally accepted industry standards for Service Oriented Architectures.


So I hope you’ll consider Patrick Leonard very high in your voting preferences.


Thank you for your time.



Andy Grove

HydraSDO Product Architect


Rogue Wave Software

2 Edward Court
Wellington Road
Wokingham, Berks
RG40 2AN, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)118 9360710


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