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Subject: OASIS OpenCSA Public Information Days

OASIS OpenCSA Public Information Days:

Proposed Dates: September 18 - 20 or September 25 - 27, maybe 1.5 days is

Location: Unknown at this stage. Each Steering Committee member will go back
to their facilities contact and request use of facility to accommodate an
opening plenary for 60-100 participants and possibly 2-3 sessions with 2

Programme: Open to public including OASIS non-members - would you like OASIS
to handle registration?  We can cap registration depending facility

Will this be a no-charge event? Other than facility sponsorship, sponsorship
funds will be needed to cover coffee breaks? Lunch? Reception? 

Do we want to produce a webinar in advance to publicise the event?

We need to define programme with designated speakers as soon as

Given that we are at the end of July, I'd like some feedback on date and
location by 8 August if possible.


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