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Subject: RE: [opencsa-ms] SCA presentation on behalf of member section required

Could we webinar the 2 hour tutorial (is it live) to be added to the OASIS website?



From: Mark Little [mailto:mlittle@redhat.com]
Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 6:09 AM
To: opencsa-ms@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [opencsa-ms] SCA presentation on behalf of member section required
Importance: High


We have been asked if it's possible for someone representing the Member Section to deliver a 2 hour tutorial around SCA at http://www.infoworld.com/event/soa/


I spoke with the organizers on Friday evening (my time) and they really want to keep this vendor agnostic. It makes their lives easier because then they can't be accused of favouritism. This is not something specific to SCA: it's the approach they take for all of their presentations. They would also like confirmation that we have someone or someone's (if we want to do a tag-team approach with multiple vendors, they are fine with that too) before the end of this week.


I want to use this initial approach as the core of the information "database" that I'd like to start to keep (either in spreadsheet or wiki form) so that we know who can give presentations on what subject. In general I think it will be easier of these presentations are all vendor agnostic, but I don't think we should preclude adding something to this list if it doesn't fit that criteria.


Jane Harnad reminded me:


"I also wanted to remind you that the member section recently held a very popular tutorial at our last OASIS Symposium.  Maybe we could alter one of them to accommodate the InfoWorld event?  Just a thought so please let me know.  Regards, Jane


9:00 AM-12:00 PM | Service Component Architecture (SCA): Part I
Instructor(s): Anish Karmarkar, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle; Ashok Malhotra, Consulting Member Technical Staff, Oracle; and David Booz, IBM Corporation

This tutorial will provide an introduction and overview of Service Component Architecture (SCA), a new set of royalty-free specifications, with the backing of major vendors, which provide programming model for creation and assembly of business systems using service-oriented architecture.

SCA consists of:

  • Assembly specification, which provides the basic composition and configuration model for components;
  • Policy specification, which allows SCA components to be connected together without any change to the source code;
  • Client and Implementation specifications, which specify how SCA components and service clients can be built using a particular language or framework; and
  • Binding specifications, which describe how services can be accessed and references can be satisfied using a particular access method, protocol or transport.

The tutorial outline will include: a.) the motivation for SCA; b.) an introduction to and overview of SCA; c.) an introduction to all the major SCA specifications; and d.) a walk through of how a banking composite application example can be built, assembled and deployed using SCA technology.

Note: This tutorial will break at 12:00 PM and reconvene at 2:00 PM."


Any suggestions?






Mark Little



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