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Subject: Three OpenCSA Events this Fall

So, just to keep me straight, there are actually 3 events that are all
occurring in the fall for this group:

1.	SOAWorld (2 hour tutorial): 7-8
November-<http://www.infoworld.com/event/soa/07/november/>. This looks like
the speakers are live in NY. Open to all possible contributors: so far it
looks like Mark Little, Mike Rowley, Graham's referral, Sanjay Patil has

2.	IBM sponsored (vendor-neutral) 'SCA/SDO Market Awareness Road-Show'
- all vendors welcomed - 3 seminars in China end of August. Others in Europe
& the USA in ~ October to December - also live. 
Current details are at:

3.	SCA Plenary Week plus new OASIS TC meetings - Graham offered IBM, NY
for 24 September but not good for some participants. Still waiting about a
17 September location but the facilities are not confirmed AND it is in 2
separate locations on West Coast of USA, but they are within miles. Still,
this is difficult to coordinate.

This is a lot of activity for the MS in short period on time plus launching
6 new TCs. 

Is their any possible way to combine the SCA Plenary Week and the SCA/SDO
Market Awareness Road Show in early October in USA? 

Just a thought....


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