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Subject: Mark Your Calendars-17 September 2007- OpenCSA MS Plenary and SCA TCs F2F

The OASIS Open Composite Services Architecture (Open CSA) Member Section
will be sponsoring a three - four day event that will include: 

-  A full day of free education sessions on Service Component Architecture
(SCA) which is open to the public.
-  Subsequently, the next two - three days will include face to face working
sessions of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) Technical Committee for
OASIS members wishing to participate in the evolution of this technology as
Technical Committee members; see OASIS

The event will occur during the week of 17 September, 2007 and more details
will follow in the OASIS News and will be posted to the OASIS OpenCSA Member
Section, http://www.oasis-opencsa.org/. 

OASIS offers a range of membership options and dues designed to ensure that
all those affected by open standards have a voice in their creation and
adoption. If your organization is not currently an OASIS member, please
contact member-services@oasis-open.org. 

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