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Subject: FINAL - OpenCSA Steering Committee Minutes - 27 Jul 2007

FINAL - OpenCSA Steering Committee Minutes - 27 July 2007 9:00 AM PDT

0. Agenda bashing and Roll

Attending:                  Graham Barber, David Burke, Jeff Mischkinsky, Sanjay Patil, Michael Rowley.
Apologies:                  Patrick Leonard, Mark Little.
OASIS Staff:                Dee Schur, Mary McRae.
Identified Observers:       Mariano Cilia (Intel), Mike Edwards (IBM).
Notes:                      Graham Barber.

1. Minutes Approval

- 20 Jul 2007 -- Patil/Rowley - Approve Minutes - Unanimous.

2. Open Action Item Review

- Potential use of Wiki pages (
Open Action Item #0006):
       Carried forward;

       Graham will follow up with some thoughts,
and a chart prepared by Carol on wiki/drupal page usage.
- Statement of Work review (
Open Action Item #0007): see below.
- Plenary Week Host Company (
Open Action Item #0008): see below.

3. Status of Proposed TC Charters from OSOA  

- Jeff Mischkinsky reported five of the seven SC Member votes cast had voted in favor of affiliation of the six SCA charters with the Member Section. Graham Barber reported that Patrick was having access control problems the previous day; Mark Little is on vacation. The vote on affiliation was therefore carried.

- Mary McRae indicated that the Call for Participants would thus happen immediately, although some specific aspects of the new TC kavi web sites may be delayed until ~ Wednesday August 1st.

- Logistical Requirements for the Plenary Week were again discussed. BEA, Rogue Wave & Oracle have reported no suitable conference facilities available. TIBCO could potentially host the large session at the start of the week - David Burke will reserve. SAP could potentially host the break-out sessions (limit # 30 per room) - Sanjay Patil to investigate. IBM still need to check availability of facilities in USA & UK locations - Graham Barber to investigate.
Action Item #0008: carried forward, with SC members requested to communicate on the <opencsa-ms@lists.oasis-open.org> mailing list. We also need to decide an enrollment process, potentially with a nominal $50 fee.

- Mary McRae reported that only herself as temporary chair will be added to the six SCA TC mailing lists. ALL other potential TC members, including the conveners must register (and be approved) as members at least seven days before the first teleconference (which is scheduled on Sept 5th.), else voting privileges will be delayed.

4. Work Plan Review

- We completed (real time) review of the document. Graham will apply agreed changes to date & create proposed final V1.0 revision for approval at our next teleconference.

5.Informal Coordinating Committee

- Jeff reported that the informal body, as discussed on our last teleconference, may have stretched the limit of the responsibility of the Steering Committee. Several models were discussed without conclusion although there was consensus that "something" was needed in order that each TC does not waste unnecessary effort. The task of creating test suites was discussed as an example of a problem that would benefit from a consistent approach across six TCs.

- No conclusion was reached an Jeff requested that we consider the problem further.

- Secretary's note: In the circumstances, I will reopen
Action Item #0005.
6. Any Other Business?


7. Future SC Agenda Topics?

Not Discussed.

8. Forthcoming Vacation information?

Jeff Mischkinsky & David Burke reported planned vacation for the next call on Friday 3rd August.

Given the above vacation, the call on Friday 3rd August is cancelled.
The next regular teleconference is at 9am PDT on Friday August 10th.

9. Closure

Meeting closed, 10.10am PDT.

Future Agenda Items

- Informal inter-TC coordination body (
Open Action Item #0005).
- Potential use of Wiki pages (
Open Action Item #0006).
- Approve Final V1.0 Work Plan (
Open Action Item #0007).
- SCA TC Plenary Week Logistics (
Open Action Item #0008).

Graham J Barber,

Program Director, SOA Partnerships,
     Graham Barber@IBMGB
Internal:                                245702,  External: +44 (0)1962 815702
Secretary (Yulia):          247672,                    +44 (0)1962 817672
Cellphone (Worldwide):                                    +44 (0)7880 734005

Unless stated otherwise above:
IBM United Kingdom Limited - Registered in England and Wales with number 741598.
Registered office: PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU

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