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Subject: DRAFT - OpenCSA Steering Committee Minutes - 17 Aug 2007

DRAFT - OpenCSA Steering Committee Minutes - 17 August 2007 9:00 AM PDT

0. Agenda bashing and Roll

Attending:                  Graham Barber, David Burke, Mark Little, Sanjay Patil.
Apologies:                  Patrick Leonard, Jeff Mischkinsky, Michael Rowley.
OASIS Staff:                Dee Schur.
Identified Observers:       Mike Edwards, Anish Karmarkar.
Notes:                      Graham Barber.

1. Minutes Approval

- 10 August 2007:        Correction:

                        - Reference Conference (Nov 7-8) is hosted by InfoWorld, not SOAWorld.
                        Resolution: Passed as amended (Patil/Little)- Unanimous.

2. Open Action Item Review

                - Consider the requirement for an informal inter TC coordination group (Open Action Item #0005)
                        - Awaiting Jeff/OASIS Staff Discussion. Carried Forward.
                - Potential use of Wiki pages (Open Action Item #0006)
                        - Will place on agenda of Aug 24th SC. Carried Forward.
                - Statement of Work review (Open Action Item #0007)
                        - Agenda Item #5 below.
                - Plenary Week Host Company (Open Action Item #0008)
                        - Agenda Item #3 below.
                        - Secretary's note: AI #0008 now closed.
                - Plan a series of OASIS-sponsored educational webinars for SCA (Open Action Item #0009)
                        - Due Sep 30.
                - Multi-vendor Roadshow Plan (Open Action Item #0010)
                        - Will place on agenda of Aug 24th SC. Carried Forward.

3. Plenary Week Planning

- We confirmed that we accept Sanjay's offer of SAP hosting the Plenary Week at their Palo Alto location.

Laptop presentation facilities are provided; Wireless connectivity is available. There will be no dial-in capability on the Open day one, but will be available for the TC meetings, with conference facilities offered by Oracle & Red Hat (and other SC members). Slides for the Open Day will be available on the OASIS site, however, and will be added into the Presentations Repository being formed.
- Dee confirmed that OASIS can set up and manage a Registration Process. A fee of $100 was agreed in order to cover meal and other costs. When Sanjay confirms address, Dee will advertize in the most appropriate OASIS channels. Graham will advertize on OSOA also.
- Other advertizing vehicles will be investigated including IBM developerWorks (Graham), InfoQ (Mark), XMLDev (Dee), ServerSide & JavaLobby (Mike Edwards).
- Mike Edwards has volunteered to organize the agenda for the first (open) day; David Burke offered assistance.

4. TC Participation Status

- With the First Seven Day Deadline under 2 weeks away, Graham Barber again expressed concern on slow TC membership take-up. The Assembly TC has less than 10 companies enrolled; the C-C++ TC has one company enrolled.
- Graham will request that the Conveners start some lobbying existing OSOA personnel;
- Graham & Dee will work on broader involvement.

5. Work Plan Review

- Carried forward to a future meeting.

6. Volunteer vendor Neutral Presentations

- Graham confirmed the establishment of a new subsection on MS Documents Page, to host Volunteer Presenters/Presentations. Mike Edwards has posted the first volunteer presentation.
** Action Item #0011: All SC Members to add Volunteer Presenters/Presentations to new subsection on MS Documents Page; all Member Section members also to be invited.

7. Any Other Business


8. Future SC Agenda Topics?

None offered.

9. Forthcoming Vacation information?

None offered.

10. Confirmation of next Teleconference

The next regular teleconference is at 9am PDT on Friday August 24th.


Resolution to Adjourn: Passed (Burke/Little)- Unanimous.
Meeting closed, 10.00am PDT.

Respectfully Submitted,
Graham Barber,


Unless stated otherwise above:
IBM United Kingdom Limited - Registered in England and Wales with number 741598.
Registered office: PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU

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