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Subject: OASIS Web Page Usage Discussion

Dear Steering Committee

With respect to Open Action Item #0006, I have discussed OASIS web pages with Carol & Mary (at least) on the OASIS staff and am attaching a single page summary for discussion at tomorrow's Steering Committee Meeting. I'd like to pull out the following points for discussion/agreement tomorrow, based upon the (hopefully self-explanatory) chart:

1) Starting from the right (sorry!), the right-hand column represents the public and "private" resources available to the affiliated TCs. Each will have kavi pages for issues, documents, minutes, membership, ballots, calendar. Although it is up to each TC, I wee no reason why the TCs wouldn't use them.

2) Those kavi pages are automatically reflected onto OASIS's public pages, so their progress remains in the public domain. No TC action is required; that process is automated. The only "manual intervention" required is if the TC wish to clarify their work through the provision of a FAQ document. That is the responsibility of each TC, although a starting point could potentially be a single FAQ authored by the Member Section SC.

3) Optionally a wiki is made available to each TC if needed. I note that given the relatively poor use of the OSOA private wiki during the OSOA incubation, I suspect that this may not be taken up by the TCs.

4) The middle column represents the Member Section (including Steering Committee) Resources. At the bottom (again, sorry!), you'll recognize the kavi pages that the SC currently uses. Optionally, we also are offered wiki pages to use, but once again, given OSOA experience, I hesitate to jump at the offer.

5) The top half of the middle column represents the Member Section public face. At the moment, these are primarily the drupal pages which focus on various administrative aspects of the MS (Activity, RoP, Governance, etc.)

6) Over time, we have the option to build an Open CSA Community through the shown bullets. This seems a natural evolution of where the content on www.osoa.org would migrate towards. An example of a MS community is <http://dita.xml.org/>.

7) FYI, outside our scope, the first column represents the incubation facilities offered by www.osoa.org, both public & private. (The private resources reflect the changing technology over the OSOA years and the fact that the OSOA team never converged all existing projects onto one technology base)

Graham J Barber,

Program Director, SOA Partnerships,
     Graham Barber@IBMGB
Internal:                                245702,  External: +44 (0)1962 815702
Secretary (Yulia):          247672,                    +44 (0)1962 817672
Cellphone (Worldwide):                                    +44 (0)7880 734005

Unless stated otherwise above:
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Registered office: PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU

Web-based Resources.pdf

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