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Subject: REPLACEMENT FINAL - OpenCSA Steering Committee Minutes - 31 Aug 2007

FINAL - OpenCSA Steering Committee Minutes - 31 August 2007 9:00 AM PDT

0. Agenda bashing and Roll

Attending:                  Graham Barber, Patrick Leonard, Mark Little, Jeff Mischkinsky, Sanjay Patil, Michael Rowley.
Apologies:                  David Burke.
OASIS Staff:                Dee Schur, Mary McRae.
Identified Observers:       Mike Edwards, Mario Antollini.
Notes:                      Graham Barber.

Items added:                    1. InfoQ e-mail Interview discussion (Mark Little).

1. Minutes Approval

- 24 August 2007:        Resolution to Approve: Passed (Little/Rowley)- Unanimous.

2. Open Action Item Review

       - Summary of Open Items Due:

       - Potential use of Wiki pages (
Open Action Item #0006)
                 - Was Reviewed on Aug 24th; now closed.

       - Summary of Open Items Not Yet Due:

       - Speaking Opportunity: "SOA for eGovernment 2007", 1 – 2 October (
Open Action Item #0012)
                       - Mark Little, Due Sep 7.

                        - As no volunteers have been forthcoming, Mark was advised to inform requested as such. AI #12 Updated.
       - Populate the Volunteer Presentations Database (
Open Action Item #0011)
                       - All, Due Sep 14.

       - Propose some Rules for an Inter-TC Coordination Subcommittee (
Open Action Item #0013)
                 - Jeff Mischkinsky, Due Sep 24.

       - Plan a series of OASIS-sponsored educational webinars for SCA (
Open Action Item #0009)
                        - As Mark will not be at Plenary Week, Sanjay volunteered to ask day one speakers to volunteer for subsequent OASIS Webinars.
                        - AI #09 updated, Due Sep 28.

3. Plenary Week & Inaugural TC Calls Planning

- David Burke to be asked again to determine TIBCO's willingness to sponsor the lunches (~$5K).

        - Secretary's Note: David has confirmed that TIBCO will do this.
- Registration Process has reached 49; ideally, we are looking for 120.
- All SC requesting to consider outreach advertizing opportunities (company web sites / developer networks, etc.)

- Mike Edwards will close the outline Day One Agenda (without times/presenters) and add abstracts & invitation words, to send to Dee by Sep 4th.

- Dee will send current registered names to steering committee.
- SC confirmed that afternoon sessions (including Thursday) will be full half-day slots (until ~6pm).
- TC Meeting schedule to be sent to each TC mailing list.
- Jeff to recheck if European freephone number is available on Oracle's teleconference facility (Action Item #0016).

4. Harmonization of OASIS SOA TCs

- E-mail from SOA-RA TC (here) discussed with conclusion that the SCA-Assembly TC would handle initially.
- Recommendation for mutual education to occur between the TCs (without Feedback taking place at this stage).
- Mike Edwards requested to handle on behalf of the SCA-Assembly TC, ideally during Plenary Week.
- Jeff Mischkinsky will respond to original e-mail outlining this intent.
        - Secretary's note: Already completed by Jeff; no new AI raised.

5. Usage of OASIS Web Sites

- Item was discussed & closed at August 24h SC meeting; no further action necessary.

6. Any Other Business

- Mark Little requesting confirmation of mailing list to discuss InfoQ e-mail interview on.

- Steering Committee policy of executing all business on the publically searchable <opencsa-ms> mailing list was reconfirmed.
- Jeff requested that Carol Geyer (OASIS Press Communications) be in the loop on InfoQ response.
- Note that Carol is not on the <opencsa-ms> mailing list roster.

7. Future SC Agenda Topics?

None offered.

8. Forthcoming Vacation information?

September 7th SC meeting conflicts with the inaugural call of the SCA-BPEL TC.

September 21st TC meeting may conflict with some travel plans after the Plenary Week.

9. Confirmation of next Teleconference

There will not be an SC call on September 7th.

The next regular teleconference is at 9am PDT on Friday September 14th.


Meeting closed, 10.05am PDT.

Respectfully Submitted,
Graham Barber,


Unless stated otherwise above:
IBM United Kingdom Limited - Registered in England and Wales with number 741598.
Registered office: PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU

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