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Subject: Inter-SCA TC Liaison Committee Charter - DRAFT 1

   Here's a very preliminary draft of charter for an OpenCSA Inter- 
SCA TC Liaison Committee - i emphasize the preliminary. The Board  
Process Committee is still working on the exact changes to the  
process documents, but there is consensus that the notion of member  
section committees (or whatever they wind up being named) will be  
added and there is rough consensus on what the form and powers are  
likely to be.
   In order for us to make some concrete progress I put this together  
to start a concrete discussion. I'm sure there are obvious things  
i've left out or got wrong.

fire away !

OpenCSA Inter-SCA TC Liaison Committee DRAFT 1

The OPenCSA Inter-SCA TC Liaison Committee is chartered to provide an  
official forum for the discussion by the TCs of common issues that  
cross SCA TC boundaries.
Its membership shall consist of of representatives from each SCA TC  
(at least one from each TC), OpenCSA Steering Committee members, and  
possibly other invited TC members.
The OpenCSA SC shall appoint the members for one-year renewable terms.
Each SCA TC shall recommend to the SC at least one member to  
represent itself on the C.

The actual composition and number is flexible in order to accommodate  
changing needs and requirements. However each SCA TC should have at  
least one TC member to represent its interests and to assure reliable  
communications. It is also contemplated that the SC should also have  
at least one of its members serving to ensure a reliable  
communication channel between the SC and the Committee.

All of the Committee's work shall be visible to the public (i.e. all  
documents, email archives, agenda, discussions, shall be publicly  
viewable). The Committee, as its first order of business shall elect  
a Chair. In the absence of such an elected Chair the SC member shall  
serve as a pro tem chair until such time as the Committee can elect  
one. C meetings, (teleconference and/or face to face) shall be posted  
in advance. The meetings shall be open to other MS and TC members as  
observers. Observers may participate in meetings at the discretion of  
the chair. Any eligible OASIS member may subscribe to the C mail list  
and post to it.

The purpose of the C is to provide a forum for the discussion of  
common issues that cut across the SCA TCs.
The purpose of the C is NOT to make technical decisions or other  
decisions that are within the scope of TCs as described in the  
various OASIS Process documents. The powers of the C are limited to  
making non-binding recommendations to other OpenCSA TCs and the SC.  
The kinds of activities within its scope are the discussion of common  
process issues. the tracking (not resolution of) of cross TC  
technical issues to make sure the designated TC liaisons are aware of  
them and that the relevant TCs take appropriate action, and making  
recommendations to the SC of other actions it might take to improve  
coordination of the work of the OpenCSA TCs. Examples of these might  
include spec naming conventions, testing methodologies, and  
scheduling/coordinatio of multi-TC meetings when necessary.

other powers/duties of the C?

Jeff Mischkinsky			          		jeff.mischkinsky@oracle.com
Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Web Services Standards	+1(650) 
Consulting Member Technical Staff           			500 Oracle Parkway, M/ 
S 4OP9
Oracle								Redwood Shores, CA 94065

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