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Subject: RE: [opencsa-ms] Potential Sessions for Java One for SCA, SDO

Jumping in here with two feet fully booted.


There is almost certainly going to be a JBI session as well, so why don’t we propose that in addition to an SCA specific one there is a JBI/SCA joint one.  Politically it would be the most interesting.





From: Mark Little [mailto:mlittle@redhat.com]
Sent: 05 November 2007 10:44
To: Mike Edwards
Cc: OpenCSA
Subject: Re: [opencsa-ms] Potential Sessions for Java One for SCA, SDO


Mike, do you see your session proposal as separate to the AI I took on Friday? I think two panel sessions around SCA might be pushing it for JavaOne, so I'm happy to push my AI to you ;-)





On 5 Nov 2007, at 09:55, Mike Edwards wrote:


Here are my initial suggestions for some Open CSA related sessions at Java One next year
 - remember we have to get submissions in by Nov 16th !

Panel Session:

1a) Building Enterprise Applications using SOA with SCA

- a discussion with panellists from the major contributors to the SCA specifications in OASIS

Main Tent sessions:

2a) SCA: flexible and agile composition of distributed service-oriented applications

- A general session about SCA and the composition of applications

2b) Using Enterprise Infrastructure simply: Security and Transactions the SCA way

- A session about security and transactions.  Ideally with a few working examples.

2c) Web 2.0 and SOA: AJAX front-ends linked to services built with Service Component Architecture

- A more practical session showing AJAX front ends linked to services on the server built using SCA.

2d) Web services the simple way: worked example of a Web services application using SCA

- A more practical session showing the building a Web services application using SCA, with
the application both providing a Web service and also using Web services

2e) Handling data in Service-Oriented applications: Service Data Objects

- A discussion of SDO in general

2f) Building Business Processes: BPEL and SCA - the simple approach to sequence and structure.

- A discussion of the happy combination of SCA and BPEL in building business solutions - with
a worked example.


3a) Service Component Architecture - building composite applications

3b) SCA Security, Transactions and Reliable Messaging

3c) Communicating using SCA: Bindings for Web Services, JMS and JCA

3d) SCA and Spring - using Spring as part of larger distributed composite applications

Yours,  Mike.

Strategist - Emerging Technologies, SCA & SDO.
Co Chair OASIS SCA Assembly TC.
IBM Hursley Park, Mail Point 146, Winchester, SO21 2JN, Great Britain.
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Email:  mike_edwards@uk.ibm.com


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Mark Little


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