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Subject: OpenCSA Steering Committee Agenda - 16 Nov 2007

Steering Committee Members

Jeff Mischkinsky (Chair) - apologies,
Graham Barber (Secretary & Vice-Chair),
David Burke,
Patrick Leonard,
Mark Little,
Sanjay Patil,
Michael Rowley -apologies.

Member Section Observers welcome.


Nov 16, 2007, 9am PDT

0. Agenda Bashing & Roll.

1. Previous Minutes Approval (
Nov 09, 2007).

2. Open Action Item Review:
        - Full List.
        - Summary of Open Items Due/Overdue:
                - All Due items are reflected in Agenda below.
                - Populate the Volunteer Presentations Database (Open Action Item #0011) - Agenda #5
                - Plan Involvement in JavaOne (Open Action Item #0024) - Agenda #3
                - OASIS Spring 2008 Symposium Preparation (Open Action Item #0026) - Agenda #4
        - Summary of Open Items Not Yet Due:
                - None.

3. JavaOne Checkpoint (All)

        - Checkpoint to Discuss Recovery Actions if any committed abstracts were not submitted.
        - See this e-mail for referenced numbers:
                - 1a        Mark Little,
                       - 2a        Mike Edwards plus Michael Rowley or Jim Marino,
                       - 2b        Michael Rowley,
                       - 2c        Mike Edwards,
                       - 2d        David Burke,
                       - 2e        Ron Barrack plus Patrick Leonard,
                       - 2f         Jeff Mischkinsky or ORCL nominee,
                       - 3a        Mike Edwards,
                       - 3b        Michael Rowley,
                       - 3c        David Burke,
                       - 3d        Mike Edwards.

4. OASIS Spring 2008 Symposium (Urgent Items) (All):
        ~ "Keynote Recommendations" - deadline 16 November
       Suggestions may be emailed directly to Jane Harnad or Dee Schur.

       ~ "Open CSA Member Section Support"
       We would like to list the Open CSA Member Section as an official supporter
       of the Symposium.  Please let us know if we need to supply any additional

       ~ "Meeting Space" - deadline 23 November
       If the Member Section and/or related TCs are considering hosting a press
       briefing, F2F TC meetings, recruiting workshop, or other; please forward
       those details to me as soon as possible.  Meeting space is limited and we
       would like to be sure to reserve that space first.

       ~ Encourage SCA and SDO submissions for presentations and tutorials -
       deadline 17 December.  Also please feel free to distribute the call for
       participation announcement to all relevant lists, wikis, blogs, etc.

5. Populate the Volunteer Presentations Database (Mark)
        - Close AI?

6. Steering Committee Secretary/Vice-Chair Position (Graham).

7. Review updated Steering Committee Procedures document (Graham)
        - Revision #4 here.

Any Other Business?

Future SC Agenda Topics?

Forthcoming Vacation/Absence information?
        - Thanksgiving: Nov 22.

Confirmation of next Teleconference.

Conference Information
Participant passcode 370491
Dial-in numbers  
North America Toll free 1-888-240-4148
Toll/International 1-719-234-0214
London, UK, Local +44 (0) 20 7663 2217
UK toll free 0 800 051 6872
Conference Commands
Press *1 to hear a help menu.
Press *0 to reach an operator.
Press *6 to mute or "un-mute" line.
Press *4 to increase conference volume.
Press *7 to decrease conference volume.
Press *5 to increase your voice volume.
Press *8 to decrease your voice volume.

Graham J Barber,

OASIS OpenCSA Steering Committee Secretary & Vice-Chair,
Program Director, SOA Partnerships, IBM Corporation.
Internal:                              245702,  External: +44 (0)1962 815702
Secretary (Carol):          245395,                    +44 (0)1962 815395
Cellphone (Worldwide):                                    +44 (0)7880 734005

Unless stated otherwise above:
IBM United Kingdom Limited - Registered in England and Wales with number 741598.
Registered office: PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU

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