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Subject: DRAFT - Open CSD Member Section Meeting Minutes - 16 November 2007

DRAFT - OpenCSA Steering Committee (StC) Minutes - 16 November 2007 9:00 AM PST

New Action Item (#TBD):
                Need to have a discussion amongst the team on any relevant
                JavaOne and SCA Plenary combination presentations and get back to
                Dee/Jane for next meeting.  Must be completed by December 17th.

0. Agenda bashing and Roll

       Attending:                          David Burke, Patrick Leonard, Mark Little, Sanjay Patil

       Apologies:                          Jeff Mischkinsky, Michael Rowley, Graham Barber
       Absent:                             None
       OASIS Staff:                        Dee Schur, Jane Harnad, Patrick Gannon
       Identified Observers:               Mike Edwards, Mike Kaiser, Diane Jordan,
       Notes:                              Mike Kaiser
       Agenda Items added:                 None.

Motion made and carried unanimously to have Mark Little serve as chair for this meeting.
Motion made and carried unanimously to have Mike Kaiser take the minutes for this meeting.
No agenda revisions needed.

1. Minutes Approval

- 09 November 2007:

        - Resolution to Approve: Passed - Unanimous.

2. Open Action Item Review

    - Summary of Open Items Due:
- All Items covered by Agenda Items, so not discussed.

3. JavaOne Checkpoint (All)
       - Checkpoint to Discuss Recovery Actions if any committed abstracts were not submitted.
       - Summary all items marked submitted below either have been submitted or will be

                        submitted by end of day today (2007-11-16). Status of "2f" at meeting time was
                        unknown but presumed to have been submitted by Jeff or Oracle nominee.  No way to
                        check on submission.  
               - 1a       Submitted                         Mark Little,
                - 2a       Submitted                         Mike Edwards plus Michael Rowley or Jim Marino,
                - 2b       Submitted(per note)        Michael Rowley,
                - 2c       Submitted                        Mike Edwards,
               - 2d       Submitted                         David Burke,
                - 2e       Submitted                         Ron Barrack plus Patrick Leonard,
              - 2f       Unknown                          Jeff Mischkinsky or ORCL nominee,
                - 3a       Submitted                         Mike Edwards,
                - 3b       Submitted                         Michael Rowley,
               - 3c       Submitted                         David Burke,
                - 3d       Submitted                         Mike Edwards.

                - Sanjay a Submitted                         Sanjay Patil
                - Sanjay b Submitted                         Sanjay Patil        

4. OASIS Spring 2008 Symposium (Urgent Items) (All):
       ~ "Keynote Recommendations" - deadline 16 November
                      Suggestions may be emailed directly to Jane Harnad or Dee Schur.

                        - No new recommendations made.

      ~ "Open CSA Member Section Support"

                        - This involves the Symposium providing a link/logo for the Member Section
                                page and the Member Section web page adding a link to the symposium
                                and the meeting information on it's calendars. (i.e. kind of a cross
                                advertising thing).  Doesn't involve any more than this.

                        - Motion was made, seconded and approved by unanimous vote to list the
                                Open CSA Member Section as an official supporter of the Symposium.

      ~ "Meeting Space" - deadline 23 November

                - Sanjay confirmed that he has started a thread on this.  Each one of the
                        TC's are considering this.  SCA BPEL has indicated that they would
                        like to request a space for a F2F meeting. Dee/Jane will be sent any
                        requests with details as appropriate.

      ~ Encourage SCA and SDO submissions for presentations and tutorials -
                deadline 17 December.  Also please feel free to distribute the call for
                participation announcement to all relevant lists, wikis, blogs, etc.

                - Dee and Jane indicated the following:
                        - Presentations are meant to be attractive to the technical side
                                audience, but a few higher level more business-like presentations
                                would be ok.
                                Typically past history has shown something like a 60% vendor
                                40% analysts/other.
                        - Architectures which are case study driven would be a good thing.
                - The following questions were asked/answered:
                        - Would presentations combining the SCA Plenary and JavaOne would be
                                acceptable/appropriate.  The answer was most definitely YES.
                *** Action Item: Need to have a discussion amongst the team on any relevant
                                JavaOne and SCA Plenary combination presentations and get back to
                                Dee/Jane for next meeting.  Must be completed by December 17th.
                        - Will there be any recording facilities on-site?
                                The answer was that the Symposium coordinators are still investigating
                                        this, at this point the answer is not clear since this is a cost
                                        issue and dependent upon the number of attendees and whether or not
                                        a suitable vendor could be found at the right cost.
                                RECOMMENDATION: Checkpoint/revisit this question closer to the time of
                                        the Symposium.        

5. Populate the Volunteer Presentations Database (Mark)
       - Mark open action item to contact TC's.

6. Steering Committee Secretary/Vice-Chair Position (Graham).

           - Diane Jordan introduced Mike Kaiser to the group.  Mike has volunteered to sit in
                  for Graham until he can return.  If Graham is not able to return within six months
                  then the position will be placed up for election.  Discussion was that OASIS group
                  will hold a steering committee meeting to discuss how this should be handled since there
                  currently is no definitive rule.  However, the general feeling was that this should
                  be acceptable.  We should know more by the next meeting.  All meeting attendees were
                  ok with the proposal to allow Mike to take Graham's position as a Steering Committee
                  member, but it was determined that the individual roles (Secretary and Vice-Chairman
                  would have to be determined at the next meeting providing that OASIS determined that
                  this was OK.)

7. Review updated Steering Committee Procedures document (Graham)

           - Reviews still being done. Revisit during next meeting.

Any Other Business?
       - None

Future SC Agenda Topics?

        - None

Forthcoming Vacation/Absence information?
       - Thanksgiving: Nov 22.

Confirmation of next Teleconference.

    **** The next regular teleconference scheduled for 11/30/2007 9:00am PST, 12:00pm EST, 5:00pm UK


Meeting closed, 10.05am PST, 1:05 EST, 6:05 UKT .

Minutes submitted by

Mike Kaiser (acting Secretary)

Mike Kaiser
IBM Emerging Internet Software Standards
Phone: 919-254-7605
Pager: 1-800-759-8888   PIN#: 1102470

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