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Subject: opencsa steering comm schedule for dec?

    Aside from the fact that i can't make the call on the 30th, i'm  
tempted to cancel it because i don't see any pressing business, from  
looking at the last minutes.
    Note: I don't have any problem with there being a meeting if  
there will be a quorum and there is business to discuss.

    While I'm at it, I'd also like to solicit feedback on meetings  
for the month of december. I'm inclined to say we should skip at  
least the last 2 weeks, possibly the last 3 - and only have one  
meeting in dec on the 7th.
    What do folks think?

Jeff Mischkinsky			          		jeff.mischkinsky@oracle.com
Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Web Services Standards	+1(650) 
Consulting Member Technical Staff           			500 Oracle Parkway, M/ 
S 4OP9
Oracle								Redwood Shores, CA 94065

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