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Subject: OpenCSA Steering Committee Notes from 2008-01-25 Meeting

Quorum was not achieved for the scheduled 2008/01/25 OpenCSA Steering Committee meeting, therefore no
formal actions were taken.  The following is for informational purposes only.

Attending:                                  David Burke, Jeff Mischkinsky, Mark Little
        Apologies:                          Graham Barber (represented by Mike Kaiser)
        OASIS Staff:                        
        Identified Observers:               Gershon Janssen
        Notes:                              Mike Kaiser

Draft agenda:

0. Agenda Bashing


1. Approval of minutes 04 jan 2008



2. Action Item Review and Discussion

  Note: these are the open AI's. E

   #028 Draft Q4 Member Section Report for SC Review - Jeff  
                       Mischkinsky - Due: 2008-01-25

        - Jeff will distribute a proposed draft to the Steering
                Committee via e-mail and solicit comments prior to
        #011 Populate the Volunteer Presentations Database - Mark
                        Little - Due: 2007-12-14

        - This action item was closed as part of a prior meeting.
          Mark will close it for housekeeping purposes before the
          next scheduled meeting.

3. AOB

        Not discussed.

4. Next Meeting: currently scheduled in 2 weeks - 8 feb 2008
- As all open action items should have been resolved by
         this meeting, unless there are any agenda topics
         submitted prior to the meeting, this meeting will likely
         be cancelled.  

5. Adjourn
- Adjournment not done since quorum was not achieved.

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