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Subject: OpenCSA Steering Committee Notes from 2008-02-22 Meeting - Correction

Corrected Next Meeting date to  March 14th, 2008.

Quorum was not achieved for the scheduled 2008/02/22 OpenCSA Steering Committee meeting, therefore no
formal actions were taken.  The following is for informational purposes only.

        Michael Rowley, Jeff Mischkinsky,              
       Graham Barber (represented by Mike Kaiser)
       Absent:                             David Burke, Patrick Leonard, Mark Little,

                                                        Sanjay Patil        
       OASIS Staff:            
       Dee Schur
       Identified Observers:              
        Mike Kaiser

Draft agenda:

0. Agenda Bashing


1. Approval of minutes 04 jan 2008



2. Action Item Review and Discussion

 Note: these are the open AI's. E

  #028 Draft Q4 Member Section Report for SC Review - Jeff  
                      Mischkinsky - Due: 2008-01-25

       - Jeff will create and submit the quarterly report shortly.
  #011 Populate the Volunteer Presentations Database - Mark
                       Little - Due: 2007-12-14


Not discussed.  This action item is technically closed but
                the database hasn't been updated yet.

3. AOB

Dee provided some insight on the Symposium 2008 activities.
                * Things are going very well. The symposium registration levels
                        are higher than they have been for any other event (for
                        this far in advance).  
                * There are now two key note speakers for the Symposium
                        They are Peter Carbone - Vice President SOA at Nortel, and
                        Douglas Shoupp - Principle at Deloitte Consulting
                * Carole is setting up a press event and would like to encourage
                        participation from the SCA/SDO teams.
               * If you have any questions around the Symposium, don't hesitate

                        to contact Dee, Jane or Carole.

            Mike Kaiser to check within IBM to see if we can get the Symposium                                
                added to the IBM Calendar on developerWorks.  Graham was able to
                this last year, so Mike will see if IBM can't do this again this
                year.  Dee to ask Carole to provide a blurb for the web site.

            Dee or Carole will also send a blurb to the membership for potential
                inclusion within the various blogs that the SCA/SDO members run.

            Dee is also extending an offer to the SCA/SDO TC's participants to
                participate as an exhibitor.  If there is any interest please
                contact Dee or Jane.                                  

4. Next Meeting: currently scheduled in
1 month - 14 March 2008
- Since the Member Section doesn't have a lot of activity at the moment
        the suggestion was made that we move to a monthly meeting instead of
        an every other week meeting.  Jeff will update the OASIS calendar to
        correctly show this new meeting schedule.  The next meeting will be
        scheduled for March 14th, 2008.  

5. Adjourn
- Adjournment not done since quorum was not achieved.

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