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Subject: Help promote Open Standards 2008: Composability within SOA

Open CSA members,

The program is complete and registrations are beginning to come in for Open
Standards 2008: "Composability within SOA". We fully expect this to be the most
successful Symposium we've ever organized. To make that happen, we're relying
on your continued support. As respected members of the technology community,
your endorsement of the event speaks volumes to prospective delegates.

Please consider:

1. Referencing the event whenever you blog about SCA or other SOA composability
issues. If you do, please send URLs to events@oasis-open.org, so we can link to
your blogs from the Symposium site. 

2. Posting information on the event to your internal and external company

3. Posting to your employee and customer mailing lists, if you can. 

4. Reserving a table-top exhibit (if you haven't already). The cost is just
6,000 USD and includes participation in the SCA press briefing on Tuesday, 29

5. Taking advantage of our group rate when three or more of your company's
staff attends. Contact events@oasis-open.org for details.

6. Sending us any other ideas you might have for reaching prospective
attendees. We value your input!

The next few weeks are critical, as most people are planning their April
schedules now. 


Thanks so much,


Carol Geyer
Director of Communications

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