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Subject: Re: [opencsa-ms] JavaOne presentation

Mark Little wrote:
34222519-774F-419D-87C0-5037C86A2208@redhat.com" type="cite">I'm trying to figure out whether "the other" Dave Chappel will get a pass.

Of the following speakers (excluding me), who needs a pass for this session?

As far as I know all of the people below have received an email confirming a pass but inviting them to register. You are not guaranteed a pass until you register. An email containing a number like Wxxxxxxx will be sent to you. Until you have this number you are not done.
34222519-774F-419D-87C0-5037C86A2208@redhat.com" type="cite">

David Chappell, Oracle;Mike Edwards, IBM; Steve Jones, Capgemini UK; Patrick Leonard, Rogue Wave; Mark Little, RedHat; Sanjay Patil, SAP AG;Michael Rowley, BEA Systems, Inc.; Scott Vorthmann, TIBCO Software Inc.; Peter Walker, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

As of today only Patrick, Mark and Mike Rowley and I have registered. The rest need to do so.


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