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Subject: 2008 SCA Road Show Announced

Open CSA Steering Committee Members,

OASIS is excited to promote the work of Open CSA by sponsoring the 2008 SCA
Road show. Over the next eight months, one-day SCA workshops will be
featured in a variety of locations around the world. Each workshop will be
hosted by an Open CSA member company, which will be responsible for
marketing, on-site logistics, and program management (using the pre-approved
workshop format). OASIS will handle the centralized registration process for
each workshop, as well as host the Road show details on our web site.

All Open CSA member companies are invited to host SCA workshop(s) and/or
comment on the agenda.  Doug Tidwell of IBM (once again) has kindly offered
to lead this effort.  Please email Doug for more information

Below are a few details on the workshop content for your review. We'll be
posting more information on the Open CSA web site soon.

Regards, Jane 

Brief Summary: 
As Service-Oriented Architectures continue to grow and mature, developers
and architects are faced with an ever-growing number of programming
interfaces, transports, data sources and other details. Service Component
Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO) provide a single
programming interface for a wide variety of services and data sources. In
this workshop, attendees see how the simplicity of SCA and SDO lets you
focus on things that matter to your organization, not on the details of
particular APIs. 


*	Discuss the current state of Service-Oriented Architectures and its
growing pains. 
*	Explain the rationale behind Service Component Architecture and
Service Data Objects and how these technologies simplify the development,
testing and deployment of SOA applications. 
*	Demonstrate the technology in action with examples running on the
Apache Tuscany project, an open-source implementation of SCA and SDO. 
*	Illustrate how SCA and SDO work with BPEL, the Business Process
Execution Language. The combination of SCA, SDO and BPEL enable the greatest
flexibility in Service-Oriented Architectures. 

Architects and developers who want to understand the technologies that will
drive the next generation of SOA. 

Additional Details:
Service Component Architecture provides a single interface to many different
kinds of services and access methods. If a service is (for example) a Web
service, a BPEL process, a C++ class or a POJO, you write the same code to
access all of them. If that service is accessed via SOAP, a messaging system
such as JMS, or as a local object, you write the same code to access all of
them. If that service requires authentication, encryption or some other
policy, your code doesn't change. SCA gives your applications more
flexibility than you've ever had before. 

Service Data Objects provides a similarly elegant solution to data access.
With SDO, you have a single interface to your data source, whether it's a
relational database, an XML file, a Web service or something else (an LDAP
directory, for example). SDO lets you use a single API, regardless of the
underlying technology. 

In this workshop, we'll look at the theory behind the technology, and we'll
also use a sample application to illustrate the concepts behind SCA and SDO.
The running code is based on the Apache Tuscany project, an open-source
implementation of SCA and SDO. The underlying middleware is also

Attendees will leave with an understanding of what these new technologies
are, how they work and how they can make your organization more nimble and
responsive than ever. 

May Road show Schedule: 

*	May 13th - Guangzhou, China 
*	May 17th - Beijing, China 
*	May 20th - Chengdu, China

Additional dates to follow.

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