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Subject: Presentation for the SCA Roadshow

Friends, we're getting the SCA Roadshow underway (http://www.oasis-opencsa.org/sca-roadshow) over the next few weeks.  Jeff suggested that this group should review the slides, so I'm attaching them here.  Please send me your feedback, I would like to get as much input from the community as possible.  

In the coming months we'll have at least a dozen roadshows worldwide.  These are vendor-neutral discussions of the technology itself.  Several companies have committed to hosting events already; if you're interested in joining us, please let me know.  

Any ideas about how to post and manage these slides so they're distributed and reused as much as possible would be welcome also.  


senior software engineer
emerging technology evangelism, swg strategy
mobile: +1-919-427-8896 | e-mail: dtidwell@us.ibm.com
skype: dougtidwell | skype voicemail: +1-919-842-3831

SCA Roadshow.ppt

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