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Subject: SCA workshop at Gartner Application Architecture, Development andIntegration Summit

Friends, I've worked with various people from OASIS and Gartner to set up an SCA session at the Gartner AADI show in Orlando.  The session will be hands-on.  Attendees will receive a CD with Tuscany, Eclipse and the SCA Composite Diagram editor (from the Eclipse STP project).  We'll cover the basics of SCA, followed with a couple of exercises.  As a first step, the attendees will modify a client application that uses a POJO so that it uses SCA instead.  From there, attendees will change the underlying service to illustrate how SCA insulates your application from changes in the infrastructure.  

The session is from 2:15 - 4:30 on June 11th (Wednesday).  If you're going to be at the show, I would love to have help delivering the slides and proctoring the labs.  That would make the session go more smoothly; it would also help make the point that SCA is a multi-vendor effort.  If you're interested, drop me a line....


p.s. The session abstract is at http://agendabuilder.gartner.com/apn20/webpages/SessionDetail.aspx?EventSessionId=882.

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