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Subject: Proposed - OpenCSA Steering Committee (StC) Proposed Agenda - 13 June 2008- Draft 2

DRAFT 2 - OpenCSA Steering Committee (StC) Proposed Agenda - 13 June 2008 9:00 AM PST

Changes from original posting based on electronic inputs in last 12 hours:
        1) Corrected date to be Friday June 13th (rather than Friday June 12th).
        2) Added input from Jeff Mischkinsky for item #2 below.
        3) Added requested discussion item for next Steering Committee F2F (item #6 below).
        4) Added names to Agenda bashing (item #0 below)

0. Agenda bashing and Roll

        Attending:                  Voting Members (X = Attended)        
                                        David Burke
                                        Mike Kaiser (Secretary/Vice-Chair)
                                        Mark Little        
                                        Jeff Mischkinsky (Chair)
                                        Sanjay Patil                  
        OASIS Staff:                        
                                        Robin Cover
                                        Jane Harnad
                                        Scott McGrath
                                        Mary McRae
                                        Dee Schur
        Identified Observers:        

        Notes:                              Mike Kaiser

        Agenda Items added:                 None.

1. Minutes Approval

        - 05 May 2008:

2. Open Action Item Review and Discussion

        #0028 Draft Q4 Member Section Report for SC Review - Jeff Mischinsky - Due: 2008-01-11

        OpenCSA Steering Committee was holding on this until Process Committee completes its discussion
        thread regarding suggestion that Quarterly Reports should not be necessary for Member Sections which
        have no OASIS funding.
        Any updates regarding this?

        (Jeff provided the following update per email.)
        There is general agreement/consensus within the Process committee in  
        favor of the suggestion. I also brought it up during an OASIS Board of  
        Directors meeting, as part of a Process Committee update/report to the  
        Board. There was general (informal) agreement there too. In addition  
        staff (Dee/Scott) are in favor. I think it is safe to say that the  
        suggestion will be adopted. Actually making the change is not the  
        highest priority right now for the Process Committee and there are  
        other improvements/changes to the MS Policy that are under  
        consideration, which will probably be batched up.


3. Continued discussion on what information/status the Steering Committee like to see from TC's?
        It might be helpful to have some input from TC's such as the following from each of the
                a. Issues that the Steering Committee might be with.
                b. General status on progress towards spec completion.

        The Steering Committee does NOT want to micromanage the TC's. But the Steering Committee
                does care if the next version of the spec is scheduled for June or December.
        Should change the LSC charter to add the periodic reporting of TC status to the Steering
                Committee.  We'll leave it up to the LSC on how to report.  Sanjay was to draft
                some words to do this.  Once reviewed a web ballot was to initiated.

        The Steering Committee needs to review the status of this action item from the 05/09/2008
        meeting and take appropriate action.

4. The Steering Committee needs to address the question of how it pushes work forward w/o
        It's very easy on TC's to loose inertia.  Even if you have a couple companies pushing
        it's sometimes hard to keep the TC's moving.

        The Steering Committee may need to outline a high level scheduling expectations.  
        That might help the TC's decide how much time to focus on any particular problem.
        Discussion around this topic requested.

5. Election Activity

        David Burke, Mike Kaiser, and Mark Little were elected to the Steering Committee position
        in the most recent elections.  They will be serving a term until June 2010.

        Nominations for the two remaining Steering Committee seats remains open until June 17th.
        Steering Committee members should be encouraging nominations.

        There is also the Steering Committee elected positions that we need to close on a plan for.
        The time is quickly approaching where new the OpenCSA will need to hold elections for the
        following Steering Committee positions before the end of July:

        1.        Chair:                Re-election due by:         July 31, 2008
        2.        Vice-Chair:        Re-election due by:        July 31, 2008
        3.        Secretary:        Re-election due by:        July 31, 2008

        Current status is that we were going to keep positions in place through end of July.  Mike  
        to fill Graham's vacated positions until positions updated by ballot results in August.
        Any further discussion needed?

6. Next Steering Committee Face to Face Discussion

7. Any Other Business?

8. Future SC Agenda Topics?

9. Next Meeting

           - The next regular teleconference is scheduled for July 11, 2008
                9:00am PST, 12:00pm EST, 5:00pm UK

        The Steering Committee meets the second Friday of each month throughout 2008.  

10. Adjourn


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