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Subject: Re: [opencsa-ms] Proposed - OpenCSA Steering Committee (StC) Proposed Agenda - 12 December 2008

Sorry I missed the call but I didn't see any advanced notice that it was happening. Was there any (in which case I'll check why I didn't see it)? If not, can we get some?



On 12 Dec 2008, at 14:46, Mike Kaiser wrote:

PROPOSED AGENDA - OpenCSA Steering Committee (StC) Proposed Agenda- 12 December 2008 9:00 AM PST

Call-In Information:

        Participant passcode 370491

        North America Toll free 1-888-240-4148
        Toll/International +1-719-234-0214
        London, UK, Local +44 (0) 20 7663 2217
        UK toll free 0 800 051 6872

        *6 mute/un-mute, *0 operator, *1 help

0. Agenda bashing and Roll
1. Minutes Approval

        - 14 November 2008:


2. Open Action Item Review and Discussion


3. Overall TC Milestones Status as discussed by LSC:
        Tentative dates for key milestones:
                Sep 15, 2008 - Raise the bar for opening new issues (TC optional)
                Sep 29, 2008 - Incorporate RFC 2119 language
                Nov 15, 2008 - Detailed design for testing work
                Jan 23, 2009 - Assembly TC to start 1st Public Review (60 day)
                Feb 23, 2009 - Other TCs to start 1st Public Review (60 day)
                May 31, 2009 - Finish all the work
                July 4, 2009 - Submit specs to OASIS for OS vote
        These dates need to be adjusted.  The LSC was to look at this
        at their meeting following our Nov 14th meeting and report back
        to us on testing design status and plans. Sanjay was going to
        try to get a summary posted prior to today's meeting.

4. Compliant implementation plans
        This topic is on hold until more details are known about the
        TC's testing design.  It is on the agenda, only if there is
        a need for discussion.

5. JavaOne Participation (June 2-5, 2009)
        Per note from Mark Little:  Do we want to submit another panel  
                session (for example) as we did last year?
        Call for papers closes December 19th, 2008. Do we want to
                take any action to highlight this to the TC's?

6. Any Other Business?
7. Future SC Agenda Topics?
8. Next Meeting

           - The next regular teleconference is scheduled for January 9th, 2009
                9:00am PST, 12:00pm EST, 5:00pm UK

        (OpenCSA Steering Committee calls are scheduled for the second Friday
                of each month.)

9. Adjourn

Mark Little

JBoss, a Division of Red Hat
Registered Address: Red Hat UK Ltd, Amberley Place, 107-111 Peascod Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SI4 1TE, United Kingdom.
Registered in UK and Wales under Company Registration No. 3798903 Directors: Michael Cunningham (USA), Charlie Peters (USA), Matt Parsons (USA) and Brendan Lane (Ireland).

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