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Subject: RE: [opencsa-ms] Proposed - OpenCSA Steering Committee (StC) Proposed Agenda - 13 November 2009

Regrets for today for me, I'm being pulled into a critical situation in progress.
Regards, David

From: Mike Kaiser [mailto:mkaiser@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Fri 11/13/2009 7:09 AM
To: OpenCSA Member Section
Subject: [opencsa-ms] Proposed - OpenCSA Steering Committee (StC) Proposed Agenda - 13 November 2009

PROPOSED AGENDA - OpenCSA Steering Committee (StC) Proposed Agenda - 13 November 2009 9:00 AM PST

Call-In Information:

        Participant passcode: 677139

        North America Toll free 1-888-240-4148
        Toll/International +1-719-234-0214
        London, UK, Local +44 (0) 20 7663 2217
        UK toll free 0 800 051 6872

        *6 mute/un-mute, *0 operator, *1 help

Our thanks to David Burke and TIBCO for hosting the teleconference number.
0. Agenda bashing and Roll

1. Minutes Approval
        - 09 October 2009:    

2. Open Action Item Review and Discussion

        AI20081212-001 - Coordinate an effort with Assembly TC to produce an
                SCA primer as the specs approach standardization (in review).

                STATUS: On Hold until we get closer to standardization.
                        Keep on hold.

                        Agenda for next item.

        AI20090814-001 - Mike to get the status of SDO for the next
              Steering Committee call.
                STATUS: Not done.

          - Sanjay to provide an initial skeleton draft for a statement
             describing what a non-SCA OASIS solution would need to achieve.
          - Bob to insert IPR terms and review
          - Mike to assist in proposal review and post for next meeting's

                STATUS: Done. Currently under discussion at SCA-Assembly TC.  

3. Discussion around new Steering Committee Secretary

4. Overall TC Milestones Status as discussed by LSC:
        The following represents the current state of each TC relative
        to Public Reviews        

        * = PR 04/24 - 06/23
        & = PR 06/08 - 08/07
           ? = PR 08/08 - 10/07
         - = Schedule not available at this time. (lower priority)  

        SCA-Assembly TC Specifications (V1.1)
                * SCA Assembly Model Specification

        SCA-Policy TC Specifications (V1.1)
                * SCA Policy Framework

        SCA-BPEL TC Specifications (V1.1)
                * SCA WS-BPEL Client and Implementation Specification

        SCA-C/C++ TC Specifications (V1.1)
                * SCA Client and Implementation Model Specification for C
                * SCA Client and Implementation Model Specification for C++

        SCA-J TC Specifications (V1.1)
                & SCA Java Common Annotations and APIs Specification
                & SCA Java Component Implementation Specification
                - SCA EJB Session Bean Binding Specification
                - SCA Spring Component Implementation Specification
                 - SCA JEE Integration Specification

        SCA-Bindings TC Specifications (V1.1)
                ? SCA Web Services Binding Specification
                ? SCA JMS Binding Specification
                ? SCA JCA Binding Specification
                - SCA HTTP Binding Specification

        SDO TC Specifications (V3.0)
                - Service Data Objects Specification
                - Service Data Objects for Java

        Where are we on the Test Suite progress for each?
                (i.e. Test Cases, Test Assertions) For each
                  - When is TC final review scheduled?
                  - When is vote for PR scheduled?
                  - When is Submission to TC Admin for PR scheduled?
                  - When is PR targeted?
        Public Review dates for Test Suites (Assertions/Test Cases)
            08/18 - 10/17 SCA-Assembly
            ??/?? - ??/?? SCA-Policy
            ??/?? - ??/?? SCA-Bindings
            ??/?? - ??/?? SCA-BPEL
            ??/?? - ??/?? SCA-C/C++  
            ??/?? - ??/?? SCA-J
            ??/?? - ??/?? SDO

        Where do we stand on the Spring Binding spec?

        Did EJB binding spec get update of RDL files from Assembly

        What is prognosis for Spring Binding spec, are all the issues
           now resolved?
        SCA-Assembly Test Suite Public review is now complete. Waiting
           on final resolution to remaining spec issues for test
           suite action. What is next milestone target for spec?
        Java CAA test suites: Last month, Public Review seemed to be
           imminent.  Haven't seen the Public Review issued yet. What's
           the hold up?

5. Compliant implementation plans        
        Tuscany updates?
        Do we have an update on Fabric3 status?  
6. Response to Microsoft and Siemens SCA-Assembly Public Review comments.
        Microsoft and Siemens (and other internal SCA members) have
        raised the question around which of the two following paths
        should be taken for claiming SCA Compliance (i.e. A or B).
        A) SCA Compliant extensions must be compliant with all of the
                a) SCA Assembly,
                b) SCA Policy,
                c) SCA Binding, and
                d) at least one of the SCA Implementation Types
                    (currently Java, BPEL, C or C++ )

        B) SCA Compliant extensions must be compliant with all of the
                a) SCA Assembly,
                b) SCA Policy and
                c) SCA Binding

        What is the Steering Committee position?

        The CSA-Assembly TC has approved the direction of exploring
        options to relax the requirements for compliancy for implementation
        language extensions.  They are now working on the details of
        how to best implement this while still maintaining the desired
        goals as follows:
          - must have some type of document that describes the interfaces,and
          - must have a reasonable test suite, and
          - must have RF IP aspects equivalent/similar to the OASIS RF
             IPR, and  
          - must be freely available (downloadable/accessible) to the

         There is discussion as to whether or not OASIS has any power to
         say that something developed outside of OASIS walls must be offered
         free in order to be compliant with SCA.  (i.e. Test Suite)

7. Any Other Business?
       - New call-in number beginning in December.
8. Future SC Agenda Topics?
10. Next Meeting
           - The next regular teleconference is scheduled for
           FRIDAY December 11th, 2009 9:00am PST, 12:00pm EST, 5:00pm UK

        (OpenCSA Steering Committee calls are scheduled for the second Friday
                of each month.)

        NOTE: The December 11th meeting is the last meeting currently on
              the OpenCSA Steering Committee calendar.  We need to schedule
              meetings for next year.

11. Adjourn

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