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Subject: Draft Agenda for OpenCSA Steering Committee (StC) Meeting - 12 Mar 2010

PROPOSED AGENDA - OpenCSA Steering Committee (StC) Proposed Agenda -
12 Mar 2010 9:00 AM PST

Call-In Information:
Event Description:
Conference code:

US and Canada:
  Toll-free: (800)615-0833
  International number(toll): +1(281)319-9837

United Kingdom
  Toll-free: 0 808 238 0652
  Toll Numbers: 0 844 579 0592 or 0 208 118 1081

Helpful Keypad Commands
*0    Operator assistance - conference
*6/#6 Mute/unmute your own line
*#     Participant count

CHAT ROOM:  http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/sca-StC


0. Agenda bashing and Roll

       NOTES:                         Mike Kaiser  (Anil gave me  
probable regrets)
                              next up in rotation: Anil Gurnan

0.1 Secretarial Role Selection (rotating):
          This includes:
                Creation/posting of the agenda
                Creation/posting of meeting minutes
                Coordination of meeting. (reminders, scheduling,
balloting 				support) etc...
                Tracking collecting/tracking SCA TC status.
                Action item tracking...

		NOTES: SC agreed to the following practice going
		Chair - meeting coordination (agenda management)
		Rotating Secretary (by last name alphabetically)
			- Meeting minutes and notes
           Co-chair LSC - tracking/collecting SCA TC status (sanjay)
           A/I tracking - Mike agreed to track action items

1. Minutes Approval
        - 19 Feb 2010:

2. Open Action Item Review and Discussion

        AI20081212-001 - Coordinate an effort with Assembly TC to
produce an SCA primer as the specs approach standardization (in

                NOTES: On Hold until we get closer to standardization.
                        Keep on hold.

                       We may now be close enought to start talking
				about this.
                       KEEP ON AGENDA

             2010-02-19-1  Jeff to remind Anil concerning meetings

    	 2010-02-19-2  Sanjay to report LSC status each call

     2010-02-19-3  Mike to write up  TMF response and send them an  
email and copy the member section distribution list.

4. Overall TC Milestones Status as discussed by LSC:

6. Compliant implementation plans
        Tuscany updates?
        Do we have an update on Fabric3 status?

8. Discussion of SCA Primer.  (on hold)
        Is it time yet to begin working on an SCA Primer?

9. Any Other Business?

10. Future SC Agenda Topics?

11. Next Meeting

12. Adjourn

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