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Subject: Status of SCA/SDO TCs

Title: Status of SCA/SDO TCs

OpenCSA Steering Committee,

Here is the current status of the SCA/SDO Technical Committees as reported by the chairs of the individual committees.




SCA Assembly specification V1.1 - completed second public review, 4th March (CD05)
- this specification can be regarded as close to complete with only very minor changes anticipated

SCA Assembly TestSuite
- A number of issues are open against the test suite including one to bring the TestAssertions and TestCases
into line with the CD05 version of the Assembly specification.
- It is anticipated that work on these issues will be complete early in April at which time the TestSuite
can undergo its second public review

It is possible that all work on V1.1 of Assembly will be complete by the end of April 2010.


The SCA Policy TC has one open issue that has been occupying us for some

time but now we

have agreement on a direction and the issue should be resolved in a week

or two.  After that

we will scrub the spec and put it out for public review.

We have a Test Assertions document as well as Test Cases.  These need

modest updating and can

then be put out for public review.

SCA Bindings:

11th March: bindings specs and TA documents updated for all resolved issues (currently 6 remain open)
18th March: cd vote on bindings specs and TA documents, start on writing test case
25th March: Submit bindings specs for second PR, discuss test case progress
22nd April: Test cases complete
29th April: Submit cd01 of TA documents and test cases for public review

Concerns with this are:

We have 6 open issues, at least two of which are unlikely to be resolved tomorrow, so I suspect that the cd review/vote will go out by at least 1 week.
For the test cases the concern is over who will be able to write the test case document and test cases.  There are also unknowns around how to test with external web service and JMS applications, and the fact that we are not aware of an existing implementation of binding.jca to test against.


CAA, POJO, EJB: PR begins on Mar 11th. Specs are essentially complete - no open issues.  TAs and testcases which need updating.  Testing is our next focus, and

anticipate making those materials ready for PR in the next 6 weeks

(roughly end of April).

Spring - spec is nearing completion and could enter PR in the next few

weeks (but, there are No test materials for this spec). 

JEE spec is not currently being worked (there are less than a dozen open issues) but there is some very significant work to do here.  Any target dates I

attempted to provide for JEE spec would be pure fantasy.


 Spec -- only one very minor issue left (to include more examples).

TA -- needs two updates for recently resolved issues

Tests -- this is the only major work remaining. The current plan is

to finish this by March 25th (but this is off by about 2 weeks or so),

and go for a 2nd PR on April 1.

I do not see any major road blocks or issues.

C-C++ TC:
The C++ and C C&I Specifications are basically finished (subject to any changes that might arise from changes in Assembly or Policy).  The completed a second public review on 2 March with a 3rd Public review submitted to cover the API header files that were not included in the second public review due to mis-communication between the TC Chair and the TC Admin.

The C++ and C Test Assertions and Test Case Documents are ready for a public review.  The C test cases are all written.  There is one remaining C++ test case to be written that will be patterned on a similar one to be written for the Java CAA test suite.

CD were submitted for publication in November, these have not been published yet.  Final priorities are being discussed in preparation for submitting CDs for public review of the core and Java specs.  No work has been done on either a C++ spec or any test suite material.

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