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Subject: Proposed Additions for next OpenCSA MS Steering Committee call

I would like to propose the following items be added to the next Steering Committee agenda for discussion/resolution:
  1. Review of status from each of the TC's for:
    1. Specifications
    2. Test Suites
    3. Implementations anticipated to be used for compliancy testing
    4. High level status of any compliancy testing which may have already started.
    5. TC estimated timeline for exit criteria to be met for CS Approval which is ready for SC review.
    6. Statement of intent (or lack of intent) on what is destined for OASIS Standardization
  2. Formal SC agreement from SC that TC's can achieve Committee Specification state without having achieved all exit criteria necessary to take CS to OASIS Standardization phase.
  3. Formal SC agreement on criteria to be used for what is considered an implementation suitable for compliancy testing in the eyes of the SC approval when considering approval of a submitted package proposal to go forward for OASIS Standardization.
  4. Determination as to what minimal set of "packages" will be required by the SC in order to allow any to proceed to OASIS Standardization phase.
  5. Resolution/Status of all open AI's

IBM Emerging Internet Software Standards
Phone: 919-254-7605  T/L 444-7605

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