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Subject: SCA Primer


Dear TC chairs,


I would like to take your input on an idea floated in today’s OpenCSA Steering Committee meeting - http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/opencsa-ms/201106/msg00001.html.


The idea is to develop a primer for the SCA technology, which would be useful for its understanding and thereby potentially for its adoption. Given the breadth and the depth of the technology, I think this will be a non-trivial task. It may be ideal to have the primer authored by the members of the TC(s). But in the event that the TCs cannot commit time and effort for this activity, the Steering Committee would like to explore the option of hiring someone to produce the primer and get it reviewed by the TCs. There are various different open questions in this regard such as how much it will cost to produce the primer, how much budget the member section can realistically claim for this expenditure, etc. We will try to get answers to these questions in the coming weeks.


Meanwhile, I would like to seek your input on the following questions  –

a>    What do you think about the idea of producing an SCA primer under the umbrella of OASIS?

b>    Do you think that your TC may be interested in directly contributing to the primer material? Would you like to ask the TC?

c>     Would your TC be willing to work with an external agency for producing and reviewing the material pertaining to your TC? How do you foresee the dialogue with such an external agency happening (assuming you and the TC agrees to work with the external agency)?

d>    What would be the preferred timeline for undertaking the primer activity?


Best wishes,


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