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Subject: Member Section Policy Changes effective 1 September

Member Section Members,

The Member Section Policy has been revised by the Board of Directors
to address several issues you experienced with the old policy.  These
changes are the result of months of board and staff considerations and
review with the Steering Committees. These changes go into effect 1
September.  Please review these changes and see your next steps
detailed below.

The Policy updates address six general areas:

1. Membership Model of a Member Section (MS)
     -  Members must re-affirm their desire to be a MS member
annually, similar to the action required to renew as an OASIS Member
(though there is no cost associated with MS membership) This change is
intended to help you achieve quorum on votes by giving a clearer
process for identifying and removing non-participating members from
your roster.  Some Member Sections which have been unable to achieve
quorum will find this a significant improvement.
   - Clarified the language regarding size requirements of a minimum
of 5 Organizational Members to start and maintain a MS and at least 3
StC members to maintain a MS.

2. Size and composition of Steering Committee (StC)
   -  One Organizational Member, one person/vote on Steering
Committees.  This requirement was reflected in most of your Rules of
Procedure and is the same as we hold to the board of directors, so it
was moved to the MS Policy for clarity.
  -  StC size must be specified (no longer required to be odd number)
with a minimum of 3, along with any other restriction and rules about
who may be a member.
  - Desired stakeholder balance MAY be defined, with enforcement by
member vote.
   - Mid-term vacancies MAY be filled by StC or left vacant until next
election. (Vacancies must be filled to maintain at least 3 StC
members.)  This should minimize the undesired special
   -  See StC election below for auto-reduction of StC size

3. Election of Steering Committee (StC)
  -  If your ROP identifies specific constituencies balances, they
will be identified in the Call for Nominations and the ballot.
However, the electorate is free to vote in whomever they choose.
Seats will not be held empty on the basis of rules, only by your vote
  -  If there are not enough nominees to have a contested election,
i.e. n+1 candidates for n slots, then we will announce the shortage of
candidates and extend nominating period (once) for additional 14 days.
After one extension, the possibly uncontested election will be held.
   -  Candidates with highest number of votes are elected, with ties
broken by random process conducted by MS Administrator.  This ends STV
voting in the SC election process.
    - StC elections will have a quorum requirement similar to the
board ballot requirement.   If a quorum is not attained within 60
days, the ballot is declared invalid and the existing StC must develop
a plan acceptable to the OASIS Board or risk having the MS closed by
the OASIS Board
  - If the election results in empty seats (i.e. less than n people
were elected), then the new StC MUST pick one of the following
        a. Accept the results and have the size of the StC permanently reduced
        b. Hold a special election
        c. Live with the vacancies until the next annual election

This set of changes may be the most significant improvement for your
ongoing operations, as it allows the size and composition of the
Steering Committee to dynamically respond to the voters.

4. Closure of Member Section
  -  Added the possibility that the StC MAY vote to dissolve MS when
it decides the MS is no longer suitable/needed.
  -  Made it clear that the OASIS Board MAY vote to dissolve a MS if
it falls below 5 Organizational Members or 3 StC members

5. StC Financial Responsibility -
   - Put into the policy the long-standing expectation the StC
responsible for ensuring contracted services and goods are received
and evaluated.
  -  OASIS Staff to provide StC financial statements at least
quarterly (reduced from monthly) to balance the reporting needs for
lower activity Member Sections

6. Minor miscellaneous
  -  Make it clear StC can maintain content of MS website either using
volunteers or by paying for it using MS funds
    - Made many editorial fixes of section headers, numbering, use of
Defined Terms, etc.to improve readability

Next Steps

Review your member record to ensure we have properly recorded which
Member Sections for which you intend to be a Supporting Entity.
Organizational members may see their record at
https://www.oasis-open.org/kws/my_company (See the "My Company" on the
left).  Individual and Associate Members may see their Member Sections
on their account page https://www.oasis-open.org/kws/my_account

During your annual OASIS Membership renewal cycle, your organization's
Primary Contact (or you as an Individual Member) will be asked to
confirm your continued support of this Member Section.  **If we do not
receive positive affirmation of continued support, you will be removed
from the Member Section upon renewal **

Over the next year, as we work through everyone's renewal, be
especially mindful of this new requirement and watch for your
opportunity to affirm support.  Also watch for unintended departures
from your group by someone temporarily ignoring important email
messages.  If you see one, you may nudge that person directly or ask
Member Services to intervene.

As always, feel free to ask any questions about this, or any aspect of
your membership.

Scott McGrath

Tel +1 781-425-5073 x202
Fax +1 781-425-5072

Follow OASIS on:
LinkedIn:    http://linkd.in/OASISopen
Twitter:        http://twitter.com/OASISopen
Facebook:  http://facebook.com/oasis.open

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