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Subject: Great with an open mailing list

Thanks OASIS OpenDocument TC for giving an open mailing list to discuss 

Since I requested that the future format for OpenOffice.org should be 
developed in an open standard body outside Sun:


I have hoped that everyone could discuss the future of the format and not 
just people who have money to pay for an OASIS membership.

I also hope that the members of the TC will be active on this open list 

The most enjoyable greetings 
Claus Agerskov        OpenDocument er en åben standard for kontordokumenter,
OpenDocument.dk       som  anbefales af blandt  andet  EU.   OpenDocument er
ca@opendocument.dk    standardformatet i de nyeste udgaver af OpenOffice.org,
+45 27 59 69 96       KOffice og StarOffice.

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