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Subject: Introducing Rob

I'm 15 years here at IBM/Lotus, a software architect, working out of Westford Massachusetts.  Over the years I've done a lot with file formats, including the Lotus SmartSuite formats (123/Freelance/WordPro) and conversions to and from MS Office and ODF formats.  I've also done some OSS work with Apache, namely some performance work on Xalan, and the port of Xalan from Java to C++.   I like long walks on the beach and open file formats.   My immediate interets in ODF are threefold:  1) ensuring accessibility to persons with disabilities, 2) ensuring we integrate a formula language definition into the next version of the specification, and 3) ensuring that the format meets the needs of the full range of agents, from full size editors, to small text indexers, viewers on portable devices, etc.


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