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Subject: how do I package OpenDocument as a single XML file

I created a odt file by OpenOffice 2.0 writer, now I want to package it as a single XML file. See the steps below I did:
1. Copy all contents of styles.xml/meta.xml/settings.xml -- <office:styles>..<office:styles>, <office:meta>....<office:meta>, <office:settings>...</office:settings>--, into content.xml
2. Change its root from <office:document-content> to <office:document> in content.xml, don't change others
3. Zip content.xml as content.odt.

But when I use OpenOffice 2.0 writer to open content.odt, a filter selection dialog is opened, then I select "OpenDocuement Text", a error message box is opened which tell me: "content.odt" is corrupt and therefore cannot be opened

Is there anything I missed? Thanks in advance.


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