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Subject: RE: [opendocument-users] how do I package OpenDocument as a single XML file

I tried the XSL that Lars provided.  I was able to install the filter for
both loading and storing, but I couldn't use it without adding a Java
Runtime (JRE) and I'm not ready to do that on my system (installing the J2SE
1.5 SDK is in my job jar).

Some tips on installing the filter

The filtering is set up (from OpenOffice 2.0 Writer) using the Tools | XML
Filter Settings ... menu item.

Setting up a new filter will require you to browse for the XSL that you want
used.  The XML Filter Settings | New ... | Transformation tab can browse for
filters and it defaults to My Documents on Windows XP, so I added a folder
"My OOo" to my "My Documents" and put flat.xml in there.  This gave 

 XSLT for export: C:\Documents and Settings\orcmid\My Documents\My
 XSLT for import: C:\Documents and Settings\orcmid\My Documents\My

after I browsed to the filter .xsl file for both. I made no other
Transformation settings.

I used the following XML Filter | General tab settings:

 Filter name: ODF Flat XML
 Application: OpenOffice.org Writer (.odt), selected from the drop-down
 Name of file type: ODF Flat XML (this will show up in the File | Open ...
and File | Save As ... dialogs)
 File Extension: odfx

I named the extension as other than "xml" to avoid confusion with any xml
used for other file types (the built-in OOo help warns about this) although
the existing filter for Microsoft Word 2003 XML and Microsoft Excel 2003 XML
are both set to use xml as an extension.  I didn't want to experiment with
multiple use of .xml as a file extension and I chose .odfx instead.
(There's an XML processing-instruction that works on Windows for selecting
among applications that process XML, but I didn't want to mess with that

Until I selected an Application, the filter case didn't show up in the Save
As ... file-type drop-down inside OpenOffice 2.0 Writer. 

That's all I can contribute until I install the JRE [;<).

 - Dennis 

-----Original Message-----
From: Lars Oppermann [mailto:Lars.Oppermann@Sun.COM] 
Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2005 04:23
To: Chang Yan Chi
Cc: opendocument-users@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] how do I package OpenDocument as a single
XML file


What you did to get a single XML file seems to be right. However, by default
OpenOffice.org cannot open these so-called flat-xml-files. You can however
just register an identity xsl transformation (attached) in the xml filter
dialog and import (and export) through that in order to work with flat-xml


Chang Yan Chi wrote:
[ ... ]

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